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IP Control

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I am attempting to run IP control from a Crestron 3-Series Processor (DMPS3-4k-100-C). I am testing control on a closed network with all ports open, and IP configurations made to ensure that my processor, interface panel, and PTZ Camera are all in the same network space.

I am unable to obtain control of the PTZ via IP when using the TCP/IP client in the default crestron library. I have ports set to 5678, I have verified that matches my camera's default by navigating to the web control page.

Does the crestron module from PTZ integrate with IP control, or only RS232 control? If it can be used for IP control, could you share some insight on how to perform that operation?

Thank you!


The Crestron module is only designed for serial control and we do not have a separate IP module. We are working on putting one together though. 

You can view the full VISCA over IP command set here.

Does control work through the cameras web interface? It sounds like you are using the correct TCP port. So I would double check the commands you are sending against the command list and make sure there are no syntax errors. 

If you are still having trouble getting it working please reach out to support.

You can submit a ticket,

Or give us a call. Our number is 484-593-2584. 

Support is available from 8 AM to 6 PM EST, Monday through Friday.

Hi there, thanks forgetting back to me! I was actually able to convert the existing serial module into a ViSCA over IP module on the newest version of firmware for the PTZ camera. Thanks so much for the response.
Hi, we just finished installing a PTZ30 SDI. We installed the free PTZOptics Camera Control software on a windows 10 machine. Both are connected to the network. Please confirm that as long as we have the camera IP address set in the app, that we will be able to control camera motion (pan tilt and zoom) from the app and we don't need a separate USB cable installed from PC to camera. Thanks for the help.

Hello Lisa,

Have you addressed the camera on your network and are able to access its web interface from that computer? 

If so, you should be able to add its IP address in the Multi Camera settings window of the app and then have PTZ control. You do not need a USB connection to control the camera with that application. 

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