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IP Control

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This thread has been created for end users to discuss the topic of TCP / UDP control settings when getting started with the PTZOptics cameras.

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The camera uses VISCA commands, so the speed is set in each command. So there isn't a place on the camera to set a PTZ speed, you define it when sending a PTZ command. The command list is linked below.

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Ah, I get it, didn't see that. Thanks for pointing this out.

I have been using the PTZOptics module for Companion with a Stream Deck and the "pan and tilt speed" is currently possible to adjust separately. I realize now that it is using internal variables to "remember" the speeds to use when sending the VISCA commands and I could actually add the same functionality for zoom speed if I want as Companion and the modules are open source.

Companion can be found here:

The source code for the PTZOptics module for Companion can be found here:

I am using the PTZO IP Camera Control app on WIndows 10, I am only able to see and control one of my cameras. I have the proper IP address set up on the cameras and the app. I can control both Cameras via the iOS app. What am I doing wrong?

Hello Dale,

Are you able to access the Web Interface of each of your cameras from the PC that is running the control app?

And are you running the latest version of the control app for Windows, Version 1.4.1?

In the Multi Camera Settings section of the app, double check that the IP address of each camera is entered correctly. And make sure that the dial next to IP camera is filled in Black.

Then be sure to click OK in the Multi Camera Settings window for any changes you make to save. 

As long as everything is entered in correctly you should be able to use the Camera Select buttons in the app to switch between your different cameras for control. 

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