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thanks a ton Mathew for the reply...I have one more do I connect the SDi cable to my desktop for live streaming. I currently have a PC desktop with OBS stream software I want to use for streaming our gurudwara procedings live on facebook

Hi Harjeet Singh Saini, 

To bring the SDI feed into your PC you will need one of the following solutions:

SDI to USB Adapter- An example of this product would be the Magewell XI100DUSB SDI which would allow you to use an available USB 3.0 port on your PC to connect the SDI cable using this adapter.

SDI to PCIe Card- If you are using a tower PC with an available PCIe slot you could opt for one of the SDI to PCIe options from Magewell

I have recommended the Magewell solutions above based on the stellar feedback provided by our customers who utilize their products with ours; but there are other solutions available.

Of note that you can also convert the SDI into an HDMI signal, using a converter, and then use an HDMI to USB Adapter or HDMI to PCIe Card to bring the feed into your PC.

It is worth mentioning that the more translations performed, such as SDI --> HDMI --> USB, the larger the potential impact on latency and quality of the video feed... it is best to use as few devices in the middle as possible.

I hope this helps you with your build out and if I can offer any other advice please let me know.

thanks for such a detailed response, again. If i get the SDI to USB converter, will I be able to directly input USB into my desktop and use OBS to do live streaming? Or in your knowledge, I might need something else as well. Thanks for your attention. 

Hi Harjeet Singh Saini,  

Everything listed prior should be all you need to bring an SDI camera into a production PC via an available USB 3.0 port.

If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to come back to the forums.


First time dealing with a PTZOptics Camera and I feel like I missed something along the way.

We are currently using a Cannon camera with HDMI to SDI adapter, capturing the video on a DeckLink 8K Pro capture card Capter in #4.   Mixing video using VMIX and streaming to facebook.   Working great, but the cannon can't hadle the optical zoom we need, so -- fuzzy.    Enter PTZOptics:

We added the 30X PTZOptics  SDI camera on capture in #3 and I'm getting nothing from the camera.

I'm on a 100' run of 3G-SDI cable, just like the Cannon.   Using POE for PTZ control, and I have setup the IP, and verified the (delayed) image using rtsp stream and VLC.   However, the SDI image remains black.

I swapped it onto the same cable we're using for the Cannon and it's black there also, so it possibly isn't the cable I'm using that's the problem (though I'll test that with the cannon next, to be sure.  A and B work together, C and D do not.   C and B do not work either.   Doesn't prove a thing about B or D)

Is there an incompatibility between the DeckLink 8k Pro and the PTZOptics camera?

I'm pretty sure I read multiple sites that recommended this very combination.

I haven't gotten the OSD out of the camera uet either.    Neither Chrome nor Firefox seem to be able to display the image in the web control page from the camera.

Is there a way to verify the video signal from the SDI out?    I have access to a multimeter and oscilloscope if that will help.   How can I verify this camera is not defective?

Is there a further setup to be done?

Thank you so much for your consideration.   

I'm about to run ethernet cabling for my camera. Is there any benefit to running cat6 vs cat5e?

Cat6 is a shielded cable therefore allow less interference in long run situations. They both handle the same amount of data. We are currently required to use Cat6 cables for our digital sound system. 

Hello, I’m planning to connect my new PTZ Optics 30x to my laptop with a Magewell capture card 32070 and then stream using OBS. With this connection plan, will I need to have the camera also connected to my network via another connect (ethernet?)? Thanks for your input. Pastor Bob Kramer"

Hi Tim,

We highly recommend utilizing CAT6 whenever possible; and especially for new installations.

If existing CAT5e lines are in place they should be "good enough" to support 2 - 3 cameras on a line.

If you have any additional questions please don;t hesitate to return to the forums.

Hi Robert,

The only time additional cabling that could be required is if you want to handle P/T/Z control from something other than the included IR remote.

The PTZOptics cameras feature IP control capabilities, where connecting the camera and PC to the same network will allow for control over your network.

In addition the cameras also feature RS485 and or RS232 for "hard-wired" serial control that can be used with joysticks or even from a PC featuring a serial port.

If you have any additional questions after reviewing this information please don;t hesitate to ask a followup question.


We are live streaming for the first time and I am in control of it. We purchased a PTZ Optics  20x -SDI GEN-2 PTZ IP Streaming camera with simultaneous HDMI and 3G-SDI outputs. We also purchased Mackie mix series mix8 8 channel mixer, a black magic ultra studio mini monitor playback device,  a Focusrite  Scarlett solo 2nd gen USB audio interface with Pro-tools,  a huddle cam serial controller joy stick 3rd generation and last a XLR Condenser microphone. I am a beginner and I have being trying to connect these items for live streaming. Please help me. I am trying to connect it to my all in one pc running windows 10

HI Kather Hall,

Without more information on the intended uses for the FocusRite and Mackie I have had to make some assumptions.

I normally would not daisy-chain the Mackie to the FocusRite as it will likely increase the noise floor; but the design does offer a lot of flexibility.

To this end you could look at feeding the audio from the Mackie into the BMD and then from the FocusRite only using the USB-C connection.

Condeser microphone I took a guess and connected to the FocusRite... depending on production styles this may be better into the Mackie.

For the HC-JOY-G3 you can use either RS232 cabling and connections or RS485... RS485 is noted on attached diagram as an example.

With all of that said... please see a rough idea of what you may be able to assemble using the equipment you have listed.

If you uncover additional information about the setup or intended uses for each piece please feel free to return and we can see if this needs to be adjusted.

We hope you great success in your setup and hope you enjoy your PTZOptics camera and HuddleCamHD joystick.


God Bless you and thank you 

Hello, we have an SDI connection issue with our 30x PTZOptics camera. The image is often OK but randomly (from seconds to minutes) the image will briefly turn black or green. We have about 250' of coax between the camera and a BlackMagic SDI to HDMI converter which then goes to an ATEM MiniPro. When the issue happens, the SDI "sync" LED on the converter blinks briefly. I've swapped nearly everything except the 250' coax, so I'm guessing we are at the margin of the 300' SDI cable limit. I can look at the IP stream from the camera and have confirmed the camera hasn't stopped, but the IP stream has a noticeable delay, so we don't want to replace SDI with IP. We are running the camera at 1080p 30fps. Would any of the other camera resolutions lower the SDI bit rate to help with this issue? The SDI cable was very difficult to run in our building, so I'm looking for another solution to keep the image stable. Any ideas are appreciated.

Hmm, This sounds like you have narrowed it down to the cable most likely. If you lower the resolution and FPS it may help out with the issue but I would think 1080p30 should work fine. 

Is the SDI cable shielded? If not it may be getting some interference that may be limiting it a bit more than the 300 feet SDI can normally run. 

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