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I am using NDI, but a stable release of the obs-ndi plugin was just released for V28. I upgraded to 28 today and found another dockable PTZ control plugin for OBS. I would prefer to use the one designed for PTZOptics, but I will work with this for now. Sounds like OBS really didn't give a lot of heads up for this upgrade, there are a number of add ons that aren't functional.

While you are updating the control plugin, I would recommend making it dockable. It's much more convenient to use than having it over part of the screen. Thanks for the reply!

Hi Mark,

I am glad to here that OBS NDI plugin release you found seems to work. I do want to point out for others that may be reading the forum, I think you may be using a release that is an offshoot of the main OBS NDI Plugin or it could be a beta release. I have seen both discussed in the OBS forums. 

The main plugin is still being worked on for compatibility with OBS 28.0.

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