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I have setup a static IP address on my camera as  I can ping it successfully from my PC (

I try opening the rtsp stream both from a web browser and VLC.  The web browser drops straight through to google search and VLC fails with the following error:

VLC is unable to open the MRL 'RTSP://'. Check the log for details.

From the setup I confirmed that the RTSP port is in fact 554

Can you help me resolve the issue?


Hi Doug,

Happy to assist here...

So we have a good starting point with the two (2) IP addresses operating under the same network scheme (10.1.1.XXX)

So just as a side note modern browsers are unfortunately incapable of decoding an RTSP stream however your second option of VLC should do the trick.

So let's take a moment just to walk through opening the feed in VLC just in case a small step was missed...

Once VLC is open use either the key combo of CTRL + N or the "Media" drop-down to select "Open Network Stream..."

Now in the "Please enter a network URL:" provide the following RTSP string... rtsp:// (First Stream) or rtsp:// (Second Stream)

Click "Play" and you should begin to receive a video feed from the camera.

If for any reason that does not work; please come back and we can further assist in determining where the flaw may exist in possible network settings or encoding parameters.

If you are simply trying to view this and using the cameras WebUI would be acceptable you also have the option to navigate to the "Video" section of the WebUI and set the "Second stream" to be "MJPEG" in the "Encode Ptorocol"

Click apply and reboot the camera; you should now from the "Live" section of the cameras WebUI a feed from your camera (note the preview window drop down must be set for "JPEG".

I look forward to helping you get to the bottom of this oddity if none of the above information proves helpful.

JT Username change option does not show up in Chrome browser (latest: v. 36). I had source to switch to IE 11 in order to find it.

Hello, I am having this same problem.

I can view the video feed in the NDI studio monitor, and OBS, but not the preview window of the PTZ control program, or VLC with RSTP.

Here are my network settings: 


And this is what I get in VLC when I try to open the stream:


I have enabled logging in VLC, but it doesn't send anything to the logging output, so no clues there.

Any ideas?

OK never mind, I realized I was spelling it "RSTP" instead of "RTSP".

It will load in VLC now!  Would still like to know why it doesn't show in the PTZ control app though.

I am able to clearly see an image in the Live window of the WebUI, so PTVL-ZCAM is sending out signal, however my media server running Wowza streaming engine does not receive the camera stream.  The network admin says that the ZCAM is sending out packets at a much slower rate than normal (camera has been succesfullly streaming for several years, and this sudden issue is new.....).


I would try and update the VL Zcam firmware via the firmware page on the PTZOptics website. I am not sure what would cause the camera to start streaming at a slower rate all of a sudden, something must have happened to cause it. If you want to open a ticket on that will be the easiest way to troubleshoot going forward. 

Thanks Matthew, turns out the first stream doesn't work, but the second stream


works great!

I try many time to opening the RSTP stream both from a web browser and VLC and other Player Issue are Discus in dramaCool.  


First, to get the live preview working in the camera's Web Interface you can follow these instructions.

If you are having trouble accessing the RTSP feed in software like VLC make sure that RTSP Auth is turned Off. That setting will be listed in the Network section of the camera's Web Interface.

Anytime you make changes in that interface be sure to click Apply and Reboot the camera for the changes to take effect. 

And we have a guide written up that explains how to access the RTSP feed in some popular software options.

If you are still having trouble accessing the RTSP feed please reach out to us in support.

You can submit a ticket here.

Thanks for the suggestion.  I did that last week, and got the same reply you provided about firmware.

The initial problem turned out to be an outage linking to the media server.  Now the problem has switched:  connection to media server is successfully restored, but the WebUI on the camera is not showing a camera image on the Live tab - so no way to monitor directly.  

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