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Tally Light

Welcome to the PTZOptics forum(s)!

This thread has been created for end users to discuss the topic of PTZOptics potentially adding a form of a tally light to the cameras capabilities.

Please make sure to respect the experience level(s) of all users at all times when posting within our forums or your account may have access removed.

Currently PTZOptics cameras do not have a Tally Light built-in.

Please provide any thoughts or feelings on the potential addition of a tally light as a capability of the cameras.

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We are pleased to announce with the two (2) most recent firmware revisions that a form of Tally has been added to the PTZOptics P/T/Z camera line.

Currently Supported Models

  • PT12X-SDI-XX-G2 (PoE Version)
  • PT12X-NDI-XX
  • PT12X-USB-XX-G2
  • PT20X-SDI-XX-G2 (PoE Version)
  • PT20X-NDI-XX
  • PT20X-USB-XX-G2
  • PT30X-SDI-XX-G2
  • PT30X-NDI-XX

This new feature will allow the PTZOptics STANDBY light, on the front of the camera, to act as a tally indicator.

The feature is natively built-in to any camera being utilized via NDI as long as the production software supports the NDI Tally feature.

The following VISCA / VISCA over IP commands will allow you to trigger the cameras Tally Lights if your system supports custom tally commands.

Tally OFF: 81 0A 02 02 03 FF

Tally BLINK: 81 0A 02 02 01 FF

Tally ON:  81 0A 02 02 02 FF

We hope that you enjoy this new feature and while not perfect, as it is a tiny light, it is a step in the right direction.

As always we appreciate any feedback you our wonderful customers have on this new feature.

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Do you know if this function works with Vmix? If yes, how can I configure it? If no, can you tell me some compatible software? Thanks 

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Hi Tiberiu,

Currently vMix supports this functionality when utilizing NDI sources, as NDI includes the necessary code to handle this trigger.

I unfortunately am not aware of how to custom program vMix to accept these Tally commands.

The vMix user groups / forums will likely have better information on supporting custom tally commands if it is indeed possible.

If you have any additional questions in regards to the cameras please don't hesitate to return to the forums.

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Woud it be possible to get this feature for the PT12X-USB-GY-G2 ?

Hi Phil,

Using the latest firmware this feature should also be included for the PT12X-USB-XX-G2 and PT20X-USB-XX-G2 models now.

I have updated the original posting to now include these models; apologies for not having updated it sooner.

If you have any issues in testing with the latest firmware please don't hesitate to return to the forums for assistance.

Awesome!  Thanks!  Same VISCA command, I'm guessing?  Is there a direct link to the firmware file?  I'd like to download it before I head to site, and I don't have serial numbers handy.

Hi Phil,

Yes same VISCA commands as previously listed, and listed below again just for fun...

Tally OFF: 81 0A 02 02 03 FF

Tally BLINK: 81 0A 02 02 01 FF

Tally ON:  81 0A 02 02 02 FF

Unfortunately I will not be able to provide a direct download link as I do not wish to risk "bricking" your camera(s)

PTZOptics Firmware Finder: 

Hopefully the location will have internet available to accomplish this on-site.

If there are any other questions about your PTZOptics camera(s) please do not hesitate to return to the forums.

Will the tally light work via HDMI or is it truly only NDI?

Is this feature not available when using the cameras as hdmi input?

Hi Outreach Christian Church,

NDI is not the only way to use the Tally Light capability... NDI has just taken the setup / configuration out of the equation for end users.

The cameras have the capability to have their Tally Light (status light) triggered using the commands provided above when any output method is being deployed.

It would be up to your A/V team to decide the best method, IP or Serial, to trigger those Tally Lights on the cameras.

There is no direct tie in between HDMI output, SDI output, USB output or even IP Video output and the Tally Light capabilities they are two separate systems within one camera.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions about the Tally features of the cameras and we will be happy to assist.

THanks for the reply Matthew.  So the tally system utilizes NDI so as along as our computer & cameras are on the same network, we should be able to utilize them.  Is there any config we need to do on the cameras to "enable" NDI tally features?  I don't see anything in the camera web interface.

Hi Outreach Christian Church,

Using NDI there is no additional setup required on the cameras.

The only setup that may be required would be in the production software itself.

One example of software built to support the NDI Tally features without any additional setup would be vMix.

I hope this information has been helpful and if you have any additional questions please don;t hesitate to return to the forums.

I have recently installed two, and soon adding a third, PTXOptics P20XNDI cameras. We are using the SDI out as inputs for an ATEM TV Production Studio switcher. the customer is asking for tally. In looking at Black Magic's web site it appears that they offer and IP interface box that incorporates relays as a way to provide tally capability to cameras. I guess my question has two parts.

1. Since tally on the PTZOptics cameras can be triggered over the IP interface is it possible to interface with the IP system from the BMD switcher?

2. Assuming that cant be accomplished, how would the relays be used to trigger the tally lights on the PTZ O cameras? 

Hi Jim,

Here is the command to make the camera itself a tally light. I am not sure how the BMD hardware would send a VISCA over IP command to the camera but that is what would have to happen for this to work. So I think the box you mentioned probably does exactly that. 

Tally Light Control
81 0A 02 02 0p FF
p=1: Flashing, p=2: Light always on, p=3: normal

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