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Audio over SDI

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This thread has been created for end users to discuss the topic of PTZOptics potentially adding audio over the SDI capabilities to the camera line.

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Currently PTZOptics cameras provide audio output via IP, USB and HDMI.

Please provide any thoughts or feelings on the potential addition of audio via the SDI output on the PTZOptics camera line.

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So if I understand this thread that PTZOptics cameras don't support audio over SDI, so now I have to run a second line and remux the audio back as I want to convert back to HDMI because I need to run the feeds from two cameras into another building.

For our setup, audio over SDI is more or less essential. We would like to put 3 ptz camera’s in a multicam system. We would use SDI instead of NDI for low latency. If the SDI would als cary the audiosignal, we would be able to connect a wireless receiver at each camera and in that way eliminate any audio re-syncing problem. 
I suppose this will not be possible to implement through a firmware update and would need a hardware update (gen 3), right?

Hi Joris,

Unfortunately you are correct that this is a hardware change, rather than a respectively easy firmware update to add Audio over SDI.

The only other option currently would be to utilize an audio injector to add audio to the SDI feed.

Please do look for such features in the coming generation of PTZOptics cameras.

If you have any other questions about PTZOptics products please don't hesitate to return.

Is this true for the HDMI on the USB models too?   Would it be possible to add audio to the HDMI out on the USB models from the LINE IN with a Firmware update?  

Hello Collin,

Unfortunately, this would be the same as for the SDI models. It would require a hardware change in order to get audio to embed over the HDMI output on the USB models. 

This isn't something we can add with a firmware update. 

So for the current generation of cameras (G2), audio will embed over the HDMI and Ethernet feeds for the SDI/NDI cameras. 

And audio will embed over the USB and Ethernet feeds for the USB models.

Understood, thanks Colin.

Im using the USB connection for Video Conferencing, but I'd like to capture a local backup as a redundant.  Does PTZOptics have a recommended  IP Decoder for this purpose?


We don't really have any specific decoders we would recommend.

An alternative option would be to bring the IP video feed directly into software like OBS. 

And you could set up the recording locally on the PC through OBS.

Also a lot of video conferencing software will have an option to record the session built into their software. 

Unfortunately, neither of those are options for my situation.  

 I need the decoder to capture a backup copy of the audio and video when the far end participant is either unable to connect to the VC or has a limited connection because of spotty local internet.   

If they cant connect to a VC then they wont be able to upload files captured with software like OBS or Quicktime and the Cloud recording from the VC isn't an option if they aren't able to connect.

The idea is to have a decoder running to a local, hardware based recorder, that would capture all of their audio and video and then the drive or card would be mailed back to our studio for editing later.  

is the Audio input a mono or a stereo input? I am sending my audio from my sound mixer through TRS cables with a 3.5 mm adapter to the back of the camera. and need to know if it will be a stereo or mono on the Facebook broadcast.


Hi Elmer,

The audio input on the cameras can accept a stereo unbalanced line level signal. 

I am also in a situation where I need audio in the SDI stream. I'm kind of upset that this isn't in the cameras that I already bought because I'm not going to be able to get the budget to replace a new camera just to get one that supports audio over SDI. I chose the SDI version rather than NDI because it wasn't so certain at the time that NDI wouldn't have time lags. Is there a viable way to inject audio into the SDI stream for a remote camera mounted on a wall in a church?

An SDI audio embedder would be the only way to get audio into the SDI feed, just split it so it runs into the SDI audio embedder and the back of the camera for the IP feed.  The SDI and NDI models are both exactly the same hardware, one just has the NDI license saved on it. 

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