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Lens Filters

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This thread has been created for end users to discuss the topic of PTZOptics potentially adding the ability to attach a lens filter to the P/T/Z model cameras?

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Please provide any thoughts or feelings on the potential addition of a camera, or cameras, with the capability to have a lens filter attached.

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Matthew Lens filtering, I find are important especially when filming outside or when there is several mismatched lighting on a subject. (I.e. in many churches we have tungtenst lighting being mixed with daylight from windows from the outside etc). But I also do see that this is a feature that gets misused often especially from novices. This often results in poor or darker images. I honestly think it depends on how users are using the cameras and who is using the camera. For me color matching and having Camera shading control is far more important. I am curious to hear what others think..
With Covid-19 restrictions- we have plexiglass shields that our singers are behind. Lighting causes glare off of the shields. If the camera had standard lens filter threading than we could add a polarizing filter to help cut the glare.


I usually stream soccer. When the match is at 12pm, depending on the sun position, you need ND filters. I think this could be a nice option. Can you attach somehow an ND filter now?


I am having the same issue as Rob. Reflections off of of plexiglass. Am I able to put a filter on the SDI 30x? If so, what size?

I just saw this problem this week, sun glare reflecting from the trees around me.

I was under a tree with limbs providing what i thought was enough shade.

It appears it was picking up the sun reflection off the pavement and the other tree leaves around me.

Don't remember having that problem before.

Not only would a filter be nice but also a snap on hood shield.

Do not have too much clearance between the end of lens and the dome cover that cover the whole camera. PTZ 30X SDI

I use two PTZOptics NDI cameras in our church. I've adjusted camera settings... but am now wondering if the "washed out" look I get is coming from light reflecting off of the white church walls onto the lens of the camera. Has anyone rigged some sort of simple hood shield on these cameras??? Assume it would need to be very light so as not to stress the pt motors. Ideas?

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