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Trisynchronous Motion

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This thread has been created for end users to discuss the topic of PTZOptics working on Trisynchronus Motion for preset recall.

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Currently PTZOptics provide a very standard form of robotic camera movement when recalling presets.

Please provide any thoughts or feelings on the potential addition of a camera, or cameras, with the capability to provide a form of trisynchronus motion for preset recalls.

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Can you elaborate on what motors you use?  

The PTZOptics units use Stepper motors for their PTZ movement. 

Hi.  I came across this thread last week and thought I'd do some testing.  The Motion Sync feature works great in some circumstances, but goes haywire (super fast speed) in others.  Here's a 45-second video that shows moving between the same PT coordinates, but with a different starting Z.  The first two movements are nice and smooth.  The 3rd gives you whiplash.  Seems like there's a math bug in the firmware.

Example here:

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@Michael I agree i have seen this several times as well.. Best i can tell the Motion Sync feature uses the zoom position to weight the P-T motion. If the zoom position is the same between two presets it goes wild. The solution is to hit a wide shot ALWAYS between tighter shots. 

@Tripp - I'd call that a workaround, but not a solution!  Given that we have a 20x camera on the back wall and all the action is way up in front, pulling back to a wide show between presets isn't practical.  I love the Motion Sync feature when it works, and look forward to someone fixing the math/algorithm in the firmware.  As a friend of mine would say ... "I'll bet a burger that there's a divide-by-zero error in there somewhere!"

@Michael: I did some retry and experienced the same. I guess the cause is some division by zero in the algorithm.

@Michael's video is very informative. Generally motion sync has been okay for us in a larger sanctuary but with recent renovations we had to move to a smaller hall and combined with only having one camera, the lack of sync in the motioin and sudden movements became very obvious (normally we'd switch cameras whilst changing presets so we didn't notice how bad it was). The smaller room also exaggerated any affects.

It definitely seems like the change in zoom level dictates the overall speed of the motion which is not helpful. We need a maximum speed setting that both zoom and pan/tilt can comply with so that all movements are smooth and coordinated to finish at the same time.

Very much looking forward to an updated firmware with some tweaks made to the maths.


Same here. We gave up making live motion shots and stick to switch-change-position-switch-back. I don't think it is a hardware limitation, just better interpolation across all the motion parameters. And if you want to get really fancy with the math, make the motion slower at the beginning and the end of the movement.

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