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Recording device for PTZ cameras withouth computer

Is anybody using a device to record a local copy of the camera feed without needing to have a computer on site? Doesn't matter if it is HDMI, SDI, or ethernet.

I have the Ninja V and have not gotten the my gen 2 camera to work with it. After playing with the settings a bit I did mange to get the hdmi feed to work with the blackmagic intensity shuttle. But, no luck yet when the ninja V.
I have the Ninja V and I can't get it to recognize an hdmi input from my ptzoptics gen 2 camera. No idea why. I've been tinkering with the settings for a while now. I have gotten the camera's hdmi feed to work with the blackmagic intensity shuttle after playing with the settings for a bit.

Hi Shane,

The PTZOptics camera line has no SD Card slot so recording to an SD Card would not be possible.

The USB-B 3.0 port on the USB models of the camera does allow for audio, video and control via USB but is specific to the USB models of the cameras.

In addition I am unsure of any UVC Camera Recorder "box" on the market except a PC combined with software which I believe is what you are trying to avoid.

What about the USB port, does it output audio/video? Can it possibly record to an sd card?

The Ninja looks amazing but adds a lot to the price.  Hard to justify when there are plenty of professional cameras with internal sd card recording.

Hi Shane,

We have a lot of PTZOptics customers using the Atomos Ninja V 5" 4K HDMI Recording Monitor  (ATOMNJAV01) and reporting stellar results.

All of the specifications of the device match very well with the PTZOptics camera line with HDMI outputs and should provide an excellent recording experience when paired together.

We have tested a number of the $50 - $150 options from Amazon with greatly mixed results from not actually recording, having odd artifacts or providing a low quality recording... they all have a similar style to the one shown below 

(note the one shown below we have not actually tested)

I hope this information has been helpful.

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