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We just purchased our 2nd PTZOptics camera but I have some questions on the PoE side. Camera is a 30x-SDI with the IP joystick. If I want to do PoE, but I don't want to use a PoE switch, can I just use a PoE injector? If so, what PoE injector do I need. If I go this route, I can just take the network out on the injector and plug it into my IP joystick correct?

Hi Gregory,

What model PTZOptics Camera do you have? The USB models do not have PoE and the ZCAMs can have issues being powered with PoE if SDI is connected. Does the camera power on with the included power supply?

The cameras use 802.3af type PoE and would require a 48 V source. And the average load usually falls between 7 - 9 Watts during use. Does the switch you are using meet those specifications?

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I have PTZ optics, I connect to POE ports but got no power.? To me that should plug and play

Hi Scott,

To power the camera with a midspan / injector we would recommend utilizing an 802.3af or at compliant device.

The TP-LINK TL-PoE150S is a good example that I know some of our customers have had success with.

Unfortunately the joystick will typically require the DHCP server on a network to operate...

You may be able to set the joystick to a static IP and have success but could not guarantee that this will work.

If there are any other questions or feedback from the suggestions let us know and we'll be happy to continue to help.

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