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Camera Shading

I would love the ability to do camera shading (color balance, gain, iris shutter etc) from a CCU. I know that PTZOptics camera have shading control via the remote and OSD. However, during live broadcast especially ones that can go all day. Having the ability to perform camera shading is critical as light changes. Whether this be built into a PTZ controller as a all in one solution or a separate ccu unit. This ability is very much needed. PS. have we tested PTZOptics with third party CCU like the skaarhoj RCPv2?

Hi Jason,

Absolutely my pleasure.

Hopefully what we're working on is going to hit most, if not all, of the "desires" people have expressed from a "one-man-band," I love how that term applies, solution for control.

Unfortunately for the control solutions we do not offer any traditional beta testing; I will keep you contact info on-hand so that if the opportunity arises I'll be sure to reach out and see if you are still interested / have time.

If you have any other suggestions, general ideas or concerns please come back and let us know.

Matthew thank you for this information. I would love to see an ip camera control solution and joystick ptz all in one option. I know that professional broadcast seperate joystick control from ptz movement. However, for "one man band" operations or for house of worship installs working with volunteers an all in one option is more convenient. Thanks again for the update. PS. Do you offer beta testing? I would love to be a beta tester

Hi Jason,

Thank you very much for submitting your feature request for more fine tuned control capabilities via a "controller."

This is a request, at it's core, is something we have been watching grow and I can say we are working on a solution to address the concern.

I do not currently have a date when the solution will be made available, beyond in 2019, but it is currently in development.

We have not had the fortune to test the Skaarhoj RCPv2 with our cameras but would imagine that Skaarhoj would need to program the profiles for our cameras on the RCPv2 before they would be able to talk.

I know that our profiles were added to other standard joystick controllers from Skaarhoj but am unsure if the profiles are universal to all Skaarhoj equipment.

I know Skaarhoj responds well to end-user requests for such integrations and uses it to drive their road maps so I would suggest it as worth submitting as a update if-not already implemented.

If you have any other questions you believe I can address here please feel free to follow up.

I hope this message finds you having a fantastic day.

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