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Keep manual focus when going to a preset

Is there a way to set the focus to stay at the same focal length when moving to a new preset?   It always goes out of focus when panning, zooming and tilting even if the focus has been "preset" to the same object.

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Hi Jeff,

This is something that can be achieved by making sure the camera is in "manual focus" when the preset is saved.

The key is making sure it is in the manual focus state.

I usually allow the camera to auto-focus first, turn on manual focus and manually fine tune the focus state for my desired effect and then save the preset.

Of note is that you can mix and match with some presets having auto-focus enabled and others set to a specific manual focus state.

I hope this has been helpful and if there is anything else we can do to assist we hope you'll come back.

In my experience with my camera the manual focus isn't saved with the preset.  If I change presets at different focal lengths I have to manually reset the focus every time.  I can save the preset again once I've corrected focus but it won't return to that focal length when recalling the preset.  I'm using the NDI studio interface.  Am I doing this wrong?

Hi Tracy,

Using NDI Studio you would need to start by disabling "AF," or Auto-Focus, from the Studio Monitor interface.

Now manually move to the desired location and focus level and save the preset; repeat the steps, without enabling AF, for any additional presets.

Now even with AF enabled in Studio Monitor when you recall the preset, that was saved in a manual focus state, the preset will return to that desired focus state.

I hope this has been helpful and if you need any additional assistance please don;t hesitate to come back.

I did follow all of those steps.  Turn off AF, manually adjust the camera, press "store" then a number.  The camera moves from position to preset just fine but the focus does NOT return to sharp focus as stored in the preset.  I have verified the steps multiple times and that the unit doesn't refocus.  It stays at whatever focal depth it is currently at.  Do I have a malfunctioning unit?

Also, when I turn off AF it resets the focus drastically.  Is there a way to set it so that after turning off AF it will just stay in the same focus setting?  This would make focusing the camera much easer, even when setting manual presets, as you could turn on AF, it finds a good spot, you turn it off and if it stays there you can just save it manual (if of course your camera works correctly like mine doesn't seem to).

I have the same exact issue and question that Tracy has.  

Hi Tracy,

You would need to contact support to determine if the unit is faulty as it is not something I can easily determine via the forum... but my guess would be that you may need to update the firmware of your camera. 

The behavior you are describing with regards to how the AF changes is from Studio Monitor itself and is not something we are able to change unfortunately.

Often Studio Monitor is used just for setup and a TriCaster, OBS or vMix would be used for production control.

You could also try using the PTZOptics Control Application to see if you prefer the control styles offered.

If you have any questions about the firmware upgrade process, or find no success after the update please reach out to to try and get to the bottom of your issue.

If there is anything else you feel we may be able to help you with here please don;t hesitate to come back again.

Hi Jeff and Tracy,

I find a video can sometimes be helpful to make sure I am not leaving out any possible steps in the process.

Please see the attached video where I show myself setting four (4) presets, the first three (3) using MF and the fourth using AF.

When I recall the presets they recall the MF / AF state used when the preset was saved.

Apologies ahead of time for not noticing the cursor is absent from the footage thankfully studio monitor showcases all button movements and adjustments as they occur.

If you're not seeing this same behavior I would strongly recommend upgrading the firmware.

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