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DHCP enabled by default

DHCP should be enabled on PTZ Optics cameras by default to make the initial setup and installation a simpler experience. Having to connect to each camera and enable DHCP is an unnecessary extra step. It would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Dave,

Thank you very much for your suggestion and it is something we will be considering from many perspectives.

In the meantime please note that you can change the cameras to DHCP rather quickly using the IR remote as detailed below...

Pound (#)  then Star (*) then (4) – Will toggle the camera between DHCP and Static IP mode. 

If there are any other ideas, suggestions or questions you have please don't hesitate to come back.

I hope this post finds you having a fantastic day.

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+1 - I also think the cameras should ship with DHCP by default.

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"Pound (#)  then Star (*) then (4) – Will toggle the camera between DHCP and Static IP mode."

Wish I had known that before. I was surprised to find that there's nothing in the OSD menu for changing this, so we had to use the Setup software. I definitely agree that defaulting to DHCP would be better. Almost all of the other professional equipment we use has moved in that direction.

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