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Power on/off options

I run cameras remotely, since i'm not running RS232, right now I have no way to power off the cameras so they run indefinitely. It would be nice to be able to power them off remotely. 

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The first version of your On/Off utility did not allow me to set the IP number of my camera.  The fancier version of your utility solves the IP problem, but does not work reliably.  I usually have to click OFF then ON in order to turn the camera off, or ON  then OFF to turn it on.  Very strange.  Sometimes it does not do anything no matter what button I press.  But thanks for trying.  I am mystified as to why it takes so long to switch the power, even from the IR remote.  I expected the camera to respond within half a second, like it does for the PTZ commands.

Wish list item:  If you get a positive confirmation from the camera, maybe you can have a "Standby" light in your window so I don't have to go to where the camera is and look at the light on the camera.  Maybe it is possible to query the power state by sending some command to the camera, and if you don't get a positive response, you can indicate the camera is in standby mode.

@Orlando de Bien    I am liking the little app to turn the camera on and off.   I can't seem to get the Camera and Position part to work.   Would it be possible to get the source code so I could look at it?       Thanks for the little app I currently use it to turn the cameras on/off and use OBS plug in to control the rest of the camera controls.  

Hello Robert,

We currently do not have a standby on/off command for the HTTP-CGI commands. 

Right now the only way to put the cameras into standby would be with VISCA commands or using the IR remote. 

At the moment the VISCA command set is much more fleshed out than the HTTP-CGI command list. 

We are working on building up the HTTP-CGI command set though. 

In general it is fine to leave the cameras powered on. They have been designed to be left running 24/7, so it is not necessary to power down the cameras or put them into standby mode. 

@Matthew Davis I don't see an HTTP command to put the camera in Stand By in the documentation.  I use HTTP to switch presets.   I would like to remotely put the cameras in Standby. 

Thank you for your time,

Rob Allam

I have updated the app so it will now let you setup 5 cameras and a few other options. 


Hi Glenn,

The HC JOY G3 will not be changed for the current version, but a standby button in the future is not a bad suggestion. We will keep it in mind for any future joysticks. Also remember, the cameras are designed to be left on 24/7 so you can leave them on without worry!

Please add the button to put camera in standby mode to the HCJoystick-G3

Thanks Orlando, I emailed you this morning.  

Feel free to reach out to me directly. Looks like it is using my ip address so I'm not sure you updated it to yours or if I posted the version before I fixed that


I get the following error when trying to run your script:

Any ideas?  

Also, can this shut down 2 at a time?


I made a little vb app this morning that can turn a camera on or off based on an ip address.

if you unzip the files into C:\ptzcamera you should be able to get it working (windows only).

I can provide the code to anyone who is interested. All it does is send the hex code (On 81 01 04 00 02 FF and Off 81 01 04 00 03 FF) to the specified ip address. 

The ip address is updateable and saves to the settings.txt file.

I wanted to build a nicer "interface" for my team to use since they are not the most technical people.

I have a gen2 12x camera and it works perfect for me.

There is nothing in this code that is malicious, but as with anything you find online be careful!

I did not build in any error checking.



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Hi William,

You did not overlook this.

The only true method to turn off the camera is using the power switch or disconnecting the power source.

The cameras do have the ability to go into a standby mode using code or software but not to be fully powered down.

If you have any follow up questions or other inquiries please do not hesitate to come back to the forums.

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I was surprised to not see any way to turn the camera off using the software.  Did I overlook it? 

Hi Chris,

Unfortunately there is no "easy" / long term way to add anything to the actual WebUI of the camera.

If running an internal, LAN only, website to serve these functions would suffice in lieu of being directly on the camera I could suggest the following super simple web server.

MiniWEB HTTP Server -

A simple lightweight HTTP server solution for Windows OS.

If I can be of any additional assistance in supporting this endeavor just let me know and I am happy to offer any ideas I have.

I hope this message finds you having a great day.

Hi Matthew,

Is it possible to edit the camera's web interface to add a simple sleep on/off toggle?

Just wondering if this is something available to me that I can write. 



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