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Add future request to Schedule reboot.

we use this camera for live broadcast 24/7. need a option to add schedule reboot camera and HTML 5 option for web GUI

Hi Hiren,

Thank you for reaching out with these suggestions for future updates.

We are currently investigating HTML5, and other options, that would easily enable live previews on most platforms; at this time there is no ETA that can be provided.

Currently we offer an ActiveX component for use with Internet Explorer, not Edge, to provide a live preview in case that helps with your current scenario.

When you mention rebooting the camera are you looking to place the camera into an "off" state for X time and then wake it back up OR are you trying to force the camera into the reboot cycle?

While the camera does not feature any scheduling capabilities it does offer the ability to be remotely placed into standby, wake up and finally re-initialize (cause the "boot up dance" to occur).

The camera allows you to send TCP (Port 5678) and UDP (Port 1259) commands in the form of "PTZOptics VISCA over IP"

From the information you have shared the following three (3) commands would be of most interest:

CAM_Power ON: 81 01 04 00 02 FF

CAM_Power OFF: 81 01 04 00 03 FF

CAM_Initialize: 81 01 06 05 FF

Using the UDP control method you can easily create a Python Script that can execute any of the commands mentioned above.

I have attached a small Python Script example for CAM_Initialize being sent to a camera IP address of

Note: You may need to modify the static IP entry in the script, if you're cameras has a different IP than noted above, to see success when executing a simple text editor should be able to achieve this.

Once created, if on a Windows OS, you can simply use Task Scheduler to execute the Python Scripts at the desired times... if using a Mac OS I have been told Automater can accomplish similar tasks.

There is a nice simple tutorial on this that can be followed here:  on scheduling Python Scripts with Task Scheduler. 

While this does not directly add scheduling capabilities to the platform as you have suggested as a feature I hope that it gets you closer to your desired goals.

If there is anything else that comes to mind as a useful feature or you have any questions about your camera(s) or the information provided above please let us know and we will be happy to assist as needed.

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I am doing YouTube live straight from camera. when there is a problem with internet, live stream doesn't start it self so we have to restart the camera. also to make it easy on YouTube side I can keep recording for everyday. so I want to restart the RTSP Stream

also can I power off and power on with a same script. keep 5 min delay between on and off process.

Hi Hiren,

I have attached an example of the script to start by sending the STANDBY command, waiting five (5) minutes and then sending the ON command.

When the camera is sent to STANDBY and then turned back ON it will attempt to re-initialize the stream as seems to be the intended goal.

I hope this is helpful with your setup and if there is anything else we can do to be of assistance please let us know and we'll do our best to help.

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thanks for your help. this will work for now. as a request to see if this can be integrated into the web interface so we don't have to depend on any server or pc. thanks for your support.

it did not work. I did not see the stream go off and turn on.

Hi Hiren,

Please try the following solution that forces the camera to fully re-initialize.

As noted above if your cameras IP is different than you will need to modify the file for your specific IP address.

There is no pause available between STANDBY and ON states as this just forces the camera into a re-initialization state.

This hopefully will help you to achieve the desired goal of re-pushing the stream after an internet outage.

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also how can I call the preset on schedule time.

Hi Hiren,

You would simply modify the file to utilize the Preset Recall as the issued command.

Example HEX Command to Recall Preset 2: 81 01 04 3f 02 02 ff

This command and many more can be found on the PTZOptics VISCA over IP command documentation.

PTZOptics VISCA over IP Document Download Link:

If you have any additional questions about control please don't hesitate to ask.

preset 11 is not working with 81 01 04 3f 02 11 ff

Hi Hiren,

I am sorry to hear you are having issues with the command.

After taking a look at the command you have shown the issue is that you have mixed the HEX command with a DEC value.

This is a common mistake and easy to resolve as you'll soon see.

I'll detail the necessary process to be able to work with the HEX command and the DEC preset numbers / variables.

The base command looks like so 81 01 04 3F 02 pp FF and is in HEX with the pp being the preset variable.

We have access to presets 0 --> 127 using this communication method but our preset numbers are in DEC. 

Let's look at converting DEC to HEX to be able to call whatever preset desired with confidence.

So the Windows Calculator has the ability to convert DEC to HEX when placed into Programming Mode but you can also use basic web tools like the following site

 So using your example of preset 11 entered as DEC and converted to HEX we see that the variable would be B

Since our variable is pp and not just 0we know that this requires two (2) characters to be executed properly.

This would mean that Preset 11 represented as HEX in our command would be 0B or fully assembled would look like 81 01 04 3F 0B FF for a recall.

Note: Some DEC to HEX conversions will result in two (2) characters for the HEX result... such as Preset 127 which would be 7F or 81 01 04 3F 7F FF

Of note this method of converting the DEC variables to HEX equivalents applies for all of the PTZOptics VISCA over IP HEX commands.

If there is anything else we can assist you with please let us know.

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Thanks for this useful info or you can also check this decimal to hex converter.

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