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the plugin is not working for me  (Doesn't load)- so I started looking at what I could find inside the .so file there are files to be included that are not on my MAC

is this the problem and if so where do I get the files






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the last time I did a trace on it - it was trying to load some other files that were not in the download - that was a while back - I worked on trying to get the missing files installed myself to no avail

Thank you for keeping me updated.

One additional question not related to the problem. Is your camera control software propriety? Will the camera control software control other cameras using IP control?

Hi Ron,

So while not a true term I will use semi-proprietary when discussing our IP control solutions.

So we do our best to adhere to the basic VISCA command sets wherever possible but occasionally need to introduce commands that are not part of the standard VISCA library.

These commands would definitely be considered proprietary as they are often 100% unique to our cameras, at the very least as far as the execution of the command would be concerned.

Taking a step back most of our basic control commands such as pan, tilt, zoom and presets should be mostly universal.

If you are wanting to verify a devices ability to be supported by our control solutions I would recommend cross referencing the other manufacturers VISCA over IP commands against the ones we utilize.

As an example if a Panasonic camera had the same preset command as we use the preset solution should work.

You can reference the PTZOptics VISCA over IP commands from the following document: PTZOptics VISCA over IP Documentation

If you have any additional questions please don't hesitate to return to the forums.

Thank you for the clarification

I programmed a raspberry pi with a touch screen to switch the camera to preset locations

I am using a PTZOptics 20 camera 


I've posted a ticket on this some time ago - and the same issues seem to be coming up here for other users.

Simply: The macOS plugin is incorrectly built.

It is reliant on shared libraries which shouldn't be presumed to be present.

It is reliant on location of these libraries in places which, similarly, should no be presumed.

Use of runpaths is generally not good practice for such things. Well, generally not great.

Libraries referred to can be installed either hand built (as we tend to do things...)

- or can be built using Homebrew.

In any case, this would involve either a very robust set of instructions for most users, or a much more robust installer.

I've requested the source code on this. Better, a link to the Github repo for it.

Hi Mac Users,

As of this morning there have been updates posted for both the PTZOptics Mac OBS Plugin as well as the Mac Webcam OSD Tool.

PTZOptics Mac OBS Plugin - Download Page

You should see an updated instruction set to be compatible with the most recent version of Mac OS and OBS when setup using default methods.

If you discover further issues please let me know as our developer is eager to squash these bugs.

PTZOptics Mac Webcam OSD Tool -  Download Link 

If you are having issues finding an appropriate utility to view / setup the webcam via we recommend trying the following site

  • Once open allow the site to access your camera and microphone (permissions)
  • Select the "Full HD" resolution
  • Use the utility to adjust your image using the OSD displayed in the web preview
    Note if OSD is mirrored it can be righted by adjusting the OSD setting as noted below
    • Open the OSD (mirrored currently)
    • Navigate down to the SETTING option (displayed in reverse) and select
    • Toggle the OSD Mirror setting to right the OSD
      Note: The need for this is application dependent in testing on Mac OS
  • If for any reason you do not see the above option in your OSD settings you will need to update your cameras firmware

I look forward to hearing any feedback, good or bad, from the forum members as you have the opportunity to test the latest releases.

Thank you all for all of your help so-far.

looks like it is now fixed now

Hi Gary,

Thank you for your patience with us and providing such quick feedback.

If you notice any other issues as you continue to utilize the solution please do not hesitate to return to the forums.

I hope this message finds you in the midst of a fantastic day.

Hi Matthew, Thanks for getting this updated! The link above in your last post  works well.

PTZOptics Mac Webcam OSD Tool -  Download Link 

Can you update the link on the Resources page to that link.

Also note that the version number under 'about' still reflects Verion 1.0 (1). 

I'm a happy camper.


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