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Audio out of sync with video

I am having audio matching video over a live stream. Any suggestions?

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Hi Michael,

Thank you for reaching out to us for some suggestions on A/V sync issues.

So this can be a tricky issue to solve depending on the exact setup that has been deployed.

I will do my best to address this from a generic point of view to try and assist.

As this issue is not uncommon most production software & hardware has an option to adjust the Audio and Video sync using a delay.

Note: Different production solutions may title this option in different ways... "A/V Sync", "Audio Delay", etc... 

This setting often asks you how much delay, in msec, to add to the audio feed which is great because we can make micro adjustments to try and synchronize the A/V.

But this often raises the question, for a lot of users, how much delay is there that I need to add without just randomly guessing...

In the following link is an example, using OBS as the platform, on how to take an instantaneous measurement of the delay.

StreamGeeks OBS Audio Sync Tool:

Note: In IP environments this delay can change with time but the measurement taken will help to minimize the overall / average delay

While possibly not specific to your setup the overall information is applicable to a variety of platforms

Note: Our support team is always available during regular business hours to assist using their knowledge of the specific software & hardware you have and what has been known to work best for our clients using similar setups to eliminate or minimize the synchronization issues you have noted.

If there is any additional support you believe we can offer via the forums please don't hesitate to come back.

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