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Clicking sound from PTZ Optics SDI 12x camera

I installed the camera a couple months ago and have been pleased with the performance.  However, I noticed today a quiet clicking sound - only because the building was empty.

I powered the camera down and back up and the sound went away, but I'm curious as to what it is, and if maybe there's an issue to be concerned about.

Attached is an audio recording of it.  I boosted the levels, but it's really not very loud.  May want to turn your volume down before listening, though.



Hi Joel,

So the sounds you have recorded can result from a few things... usually nothing of concern.

So the camera heads themselves attempt to keep track of the current position, this is why they do that funny boot-up dance when they are turned on.

If at any point the head of the camera is accidentally bumped from it;s current location it no longer knows it;'s exact location and thus is unaware of it;s true limits.

If the camera is moved in any direction you may hit a physical limit but the camera itself is not aware of that physical limit and thus keeps trying to move to it;s programmed limit.

This can result in the sound you have heard and is as a simple as rebooting the camera to bring everything back into alignment.

This can also be the result of loading a similar model, but different zoom ratio, firmware to a camera.

As an example this could be loading PT20X-SDI-XX-G2 firmware to a PT12X-SDI-XX-G2 model.

Because of the different ways of handling the different zoom capabilities if the incorrect firmware has been loaded it may try to direct the lens assembly to try and perform an operation it is physically incapable of.

If this is the issue a simple re-loading of the correct firmware will solve the issue.

PTZOptics Firmware Finder:  (serial number required) 

The last simple fix thing that this can be related to is when the camera is having issues focusing and aggressively trying to focus on something.

If this visually appears to be occurring alongside the noise you have recorded then you may need to perform a "Focus Fix" on the camera to resolve the focusing issues.

You can watch a video with documentation / software links available on the following site...

The last issue tends to occur from "rough" handling often after transit.

There can be a problem where, when the boot-up dance occurs, the camera sounds like it is grinding.

This is usually the result of one of the "limit flags" haven broken during handling / transit.

This issue will showcase itself every time you boot up the camera and requires contacting PTZOptics support for further assistance.

PTZOptics Ticket Submittal: 

Hopefully the above information will be able to put your mind to rest or help solve the potential; issue that is occurring.

If for any reason things still don't quite seem "right" please don't hesitate to follow-up here with additional information or questions... and remember our support team is ready to help if needed.

Thanks for being a PTZOptics customer.

Ok, well none of the issues you described applies, except perhaps the focus fix issue.  I'll try that and see if it helps.


Hi Joel,

I hope the focus fix eliminates the noise for you.

If it does not, or any additional questions arise please don't hesitate to come back an inquire.

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