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PTZOptics Software Work With Aver CAM520?

Does your software work with the Aver CAM520?  

Hi Bryan,

The free PTZOptics software was developed to support the PTZOptics cameras capabilities and features specifically.

As the software was not developed for the Aver products we can not guarantee success nor support issues that may arise.

It appears the Aver CAM520 utilizes UVC for control over USB, so the UVC control functionality of the control platform MAY work for the Aver product.

I hope this information is helpful.

Thank you for the help. I went ahead and returned the Aver and have purchased a 12xSDI from PTZOptics. It’ll be easier that way.

Hi Bryan,

Always happy to hear we have a new PTZOptics user out there :-)

If you have any further questions about your camera, setup or controllers please don't hesitate to come back here for more information...

or reach out to our awesome support team for more in-depth assistance at

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