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Faster standby indication

This is only a small thing but our NDI PTZ does not respond at all for several seconds after you have pressed the power button on the remote to wake it from standby. 


That time delay is really disconcerting to my non-technical (and sometimes extremely stressed) staff who have to operate the camera from time to time in high-pressure situations.


If it were possible for one of the lights on the camera to blink a couple of times to signify going in or out of standby it would smooth the process and help settle their nerves a little.



Another very small bit of feedback in the same area is that my guys get confused with "Why is the green light is on when the camera is off?"


I totally get that logically the green light is indicating Standby is on. And that my guys are just one of many different sets of users.

But to them, it would make sense if a red light was on when the camera was 'off'.

Hi James,

Very well understood and I will definitely make sure to let you know as we make any progress on this request.

If anything comes to mind in the meantime that could ease the issue I will be sure to come back and share.

Oh yes. It’s all to create the simplest workflow possible. Like I said the people using the system are not technical, they are comms people. They can post to Facebook, they can use (what looks like) a TV remote control no problem. But booting a separate PC, operating OBS or Wirecast, etc. there is no way. It is too many points of failure and they have way too many other things to think about.

So, they turn the camera on, it streams directly to Facebook via RTMPS. They go to Facebook on a laptop and create the live stream post from there. Once complete they turn the camera off. That’s it.

We also regularly use Switcher Studio to stream from remote locations via RTMPS. So, the PTZ needs to be off (or in standby) when not being used, otherwise its RTMPS stream interferes with this.

When putting together the system I considered installing a wall-mounted power switch for the camera but thought centring control on the remote would be the best option. I thought the camera would operate like a TV, which can take a few seconds to get you a picture but always has some instant feedback to let you know it is powering up.


Understand there may be a hardware limitation, will look at a network A/B box if that is the case.

Hi James,

Thank you for submitting a feature request.

I am curious if there is a reason the cameras are being placed into a standby mode?

The cameras are built to be on 24/7 if desired in case causing damage was of concern.

I know sometimes organizational requirements can lead to such necessities so if this is how it needs to be then well understood.

Currently I am not sure how quickly we can have the system engage the lights based on the design.

One of those requests that seems simple but will take a bit to fully investigate.

I will begin some discussions with my team to see what would be possible.

Once I have any useful feedback or an estimated time line for updated firmware I will be sure to come back and provide you with an update.

If you have any other inquiries in the meantime please do not hesitate to ask.

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