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OBS on Canyon Nuc

I'm having a problem that is getting the better of me. During my live events I have no sound on my web page via the Iframe (Vimeo) but when I go directly to Vimeo, there is sound. This problem just started out of the clear blue with 2 month of streaming with no problems on the new Canyon Nuc system.

The setup is Canyon nuc with OBS 24.0.3 on Windows 10 with canvas and output set to 1280x720 / HDMI input 1 Elgato Cam Link 4K (I have connected two different cameras to it -PTZOptics NDI/HX and Camcorder (Never use this connection for sound source)) Second source 1 Elgato Cam Link 1080p always connected to same camcorder (This is the sound source). Sound settings are all set to 48khz Mono via Mic/Aux Audio/ DecayRate Fast / Peak Meter Type Sample Peak / Monitoring device Default with windows dukting off. Internet connection is varied between multiple sources with 2300 to 3300 kbps that is steady.


has anyone had this type of problem?

Hi Clyde,

I'll see what assistance I can offer between the outgoing stream from OBS to Vimeo while considering the failure is on the embedded side only.

Your overall setup sounds like it is in perfect working order and seems to be confirmed by the ability to see and hear the stream when viewed on the main Vimeo site.

As a result I will start with some questions specific to Vimeo based on some forum posts I found... 

  • Have you been able to take a look at the exact embed code being used on your site?
    • In doing a light read across a couple of Vimeo forums I noticed that the embed code can "mute" or have the volume set to 0 which could cause such an issue
    • I also saw a note stating that if you are allowing the "Background" settings to impact your embedded video that the audio can also be muted / set to 0 there

If that does not yield anything of value we could move on to testing slightly different scenarios and services to confirm the problem is on the Vimeo side or possibly with the way the embedded content is being handled by your site.

  • Have you been able to test a simpler setup to see if the problem still exists?
    • In this instance it may be as a simple as creating a fresh new OBS instance where you simply add a single video file that has audio
    • Then attempt to stream this to Vimeo and see if the same issue exists between your embedded video and the video on the Vimeo site
    • If that fails it may be worth attempting the same thing with YouTube and their embedded code to see if the issue persists (Not crucial to troubleshooting yet

Hopefully one of the above inquiries will lead you to the right solution or at least assist in pin pointing where the issue exists.

If nothing above proves helpful in solving the problem please share the results of the above testing and I will be happy to see what additional insights we may be able to offer.

Thank you for getting back to me. 

I have used the laptop for the last three or so streams with no problems. I noticed one main difference between the Nuk and Laptop setup due to its hardware configuration. In settings/Output/Advanced/Audio Track Encoder; both the laptop and Nuc have X264 and QuickSync H.264 available however, the Nuc also has H264/AVC Encoder (AMD Advanced Media Framework) available and was selected. Perhaps this was the problem? Other then that one little thing, both setups are identical. I will run some test to check my results.

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