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Camera Format and Blackmagic atem 4 m/e video frame rate

Blackmagic switchers do not support 30 or 60 frame rates. How do I get the switcher to see the camera? What frame rate will work with the camera and the switcher?

Hi Kenneth,

If you are utilizing a full pan, tilt, zoom model of the PTZOptics variety then start by ensuring you are running the latest firmware that includes the experimental broadcast frame rates.

The latest firmware can be located at thew following location 

Please make sure to fully read through and then follow every step of the instructions included or risk damaging the camera.

Once the firmware has been loaded you can utilize the dial setting to change the cameras output to your desired configuration as shown in the chart below

Please note this does not solve the 3G-SDI Level A / B issue that can exist when being used with select BMD hardware running specific firmware versions.

If you are utilizing one (1) of the ZCams there is unfortunately no experimental firmware to enable fractional frame rates... to enable compatibility with the BMD equipment you may need to add one of the Decimator DEC-MD-LX cross converters, typically under $100, that will also solve the 3G-SDI Level A / B problems when present.

If you would like more information on the latest compatibles between specific BMD products and our cameras please reach out to our support team,, where they do their best to maintain a list of known working configurations for different BMD hardware they have had the opportunity to interact with.

A couple of years ago there was a post about the experimental frame rates in the latest upgrade that only worked on the SDI output. You make no mention of that in the post above. Do these experimental frame rates now function over the HDMI output as well?

Hi David,

The experimental Broadcast framerates are still only available for SDI on the PTZ style cameras (not the ZCAM models). 

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