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2-way PTZ IP AV conference (PTZ on one end, non-PTZ other) with auto-answer and 2-way audio and camera list

Can I establish a 2-way video conference using PTZOptics software, with a PTZ IP camera on auto-answer on the far end? I want to be able to camera-in to a room and control the camera without having a person click "answer" on the other side.

Also is there ability in PTZOptics to have a list of IP cameras which I can name whatever I want, then do a search for each name (even Control-F is fin for search).

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Hi Michael Glazer,

So the short answer to your inquiry is "yes" this is possible... I'll do my best to detail some of the ways this is possible and the potential caveats to such a deployment.

To accomplish this with an SDI model would require a PC or IP decoder at each side to act as a decoder for the video and audio from the other camera.

In this scenario you would be able to decode the feed at each side, using the PC or IP Decoder, from the other sides camera to hear their audio.

If using an NDI model camera it would require a PC at each location to act as the NDI decoder using the NDI Tools software.

One of the issues that is likely to occur with these setups is feedback due to the lack of Acoustic Echo Cancellation in place.

If the cameras are not on the same network you will also need a method of allowing them to communicate with the local decoders such as Static IPs, a GRE Tunnel, VPN or DynamicDNS.

There are some software solutions that may be what you're looking based on your description that I'll try to detail below.

The free Skype platform offers the ability to enable an auto-answer feature so that the far end does not need to accept the incoming "meeting."

This option can be found in the Settings --> Calling --> Advanced --> "Answer incoming calls automatically"

Once enabled you would have a way to initiate a meeting with the far end and they do not need to "accept" the invitation to connect.

This unfortunately does not handle you control problem as Skype does not offer FECC (Far End Camera Control).

To add the layer of control you can either utilize the PTZOptics Control App or ONVIF Device Manager as a method of having quick reliable control over more than one camera.

If the cameras are not on the same network you will also need a method of allowing them to communicate with the control software using Static IPs, a GRE Tunnel, VPN or DynamicDNS. 

The last option does come with a decent monthly cost but does offer everything you are looking for in a single solution... the Zoom.US "Zoom Room"

The Zoom Room allows for basic FECC (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) and the ability to auto answer incoming calls so no one needs to accept the meeting invitation.

The only thing you would need to check with Zoom.US is if you are able to auto-enable the FECC as normally that must be requested from the far end.

I hope the suggestions above can help guide you to the proper solution but if you have any additional questions, ideas or concerns please don;t hesitate to come back.

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