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Indoor Enclosure for Gym

We currently have a dualpurpose gym/sanctuary and I have 3 PTZ cameras in there. Looking for wall mountable enclosure to protect them from ball strikes and the like.

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Hi Jacob,

It sounds like you're doing the right thing by protecting them in such a fashion.

Currently the only product I know 100%works for this purpose is from a company called Dotworkz and is their D2 model.

Being indoors you likely only need the base model with none of the heating or cooling features.

I do know some of our clients have custom built their own solutions using cages where they have cut out the areas they typically would be viewing through with great success

Unfortunately I do not have any information, beyond the above, on creating one of those solutions but felt it worth mentioning.

I hope this information is helpful and if you have any additional questions please don't hesitate to come back and ask.

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