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Controlling Cameras Via Web or WAN

Hello all! I have several livestreaming set ups, but would like to add remote PTZOptics cameras that can be controlled via the web or a WAN rather than on a local network. I'd like to bring the feeds from these cams into my main tricaster or livestream studio, depending on the setup. I've looked at the cams that stream directly to youtube, which is an option... since I could then take that feed from the switcher. The problem is controlling the PTZ functions of the camera. Is this possible through a desktop or web-based app? Thank you for your knowledge!

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Hi Mark,

If you're looking to handle remote production we do have a discussion started already on this topic over here with a number of the methods available provided along with some of the potential "gotchas" that can exist when relying on the public internet for such a task... 

This discussion covers the transport of Video as well as methods of implementing control via the Public Internet for Remote Production.

If you have additional questions or curiosities after looking over the other post please let us know and we'll be happy to discuss any of those topics in more depth to help you arrive at the best option for your use case.

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