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Connecting to PC

So from what i was looking at the only real way to connect to direct the PTZ optics 2 camera is by usb. I was reading that if you try and capture thru the network its not as good quality ? is that true. sorry trying to figure this out fast.

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Hi Joshua,

Thanks for coming to the forums to ask your question.

I'm not sure what you mean by the "only real way" to directly connect a PTZOptics camera to a PC is via USB... 

any additional information you can provide on your intended application will help guide me to the proper recommendation for your needs. 

I'll do my best to provide some generic feedback on the topics you have mentioned...

If you have a PTZOptics USB model... USB is one of the methods to directly connect to a PC.

If you are using one of the USB models you also have the following outputs available to directly connect to a PC depending on what your PC can support.

HDMI that requires a PC that has an available HDMI Input... an HDMI input can be added as a PCIe card or as a USB Adapter.

IP can be used via a network or as a direct connection to your PCs available NIC... note this require static IPs on both devices within the same network segment.

In reference to quality, when applied to most real world applications, there are very few times where a properly configured USB 3 connection will provide any perceivable difference against IP

The best thing you can do is to use the proper connection and quality settings for your platform o to create the highest quality experience or production.

Once I know a bit more about your intended use case for the camera(s) I'll be happy to offer more specifics.

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