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Macbook software

I have just connected my new Webcam80 to my macbook, so far so good. 

However, I am unable to download "PTZOptics Webcam OSD" software so that I can actually use the camera as intended on the PTZOptics own advertising blurb.

Apparently the Mac version is "temporarily unavailable..... "

Is there a timescale for this to be rectified or any other info as I now have a $90 piece of plastic that I cant use properly :-( 

I am a little frustrated and annoyed at my first exposure to PTZ Optics.

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Hi Steve,

As of yesterday I know the programmer was still working on this issue.

I have not heard from them this morning but will be following up with them again today.

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Hello!  Is there a timeline for updated software for Monterey+?  Thank you!

Still no update for a Monterey control app, it is being worked on but I do not have a a timeline to share at this time. 

I have the same problem on MacOS Catalina 10.15.4, having just downloaded your software this morning.

The message I get is to the effect that "Apple is unable to check this download for malicious software. Contact the developer." 

Please help, as there seems no way to adjust the (not very good) image quality otherwise.

Hi Steve,

Thank you for alerting us to this issue with Catalina.

We have just submitted the bug report, after confirming, to our developers.

I hope we can have the issue rectified for Catalina support in the coming day or two.

We apologize for any issues this may be causing in the meantime.

I'll do my best to post an update to this topic as soon as the developers have altered me to an updated version being posted.

If you have any other questions about your PTZOptics camera in the meantime please do not hesitate to ask.

Using MAC OS Monterey, v12.1. OSD software has no effect on camera (was working before upgrading to Monterey). Looks like you now have MAC version of webcam software. Downloaded and it gives a "Get device info failed" message. Doesn't look like you have OSD software anymore? 

I know Monterey broke all the MAC UVC control we had, so no USB control works on Monterey as of yet. It is something we are looking into. 

Thank you.

Is there an update?  I cannot install the software on Catalina either.  tx

thank you . . . please do keep us updated.

I have downloaded the latest version of the Mac software but when I go to settings to set up the camera, the usb connection is not there and there is a message at the top saying "USB camera is coming soon." So is the usb option still not available?

Hi Cary,

Currently USB control only works in the windows version of the app.

USB control is still not supported in the Mac version of the camera control application. So you would need the camera connected to your network. With the camera connected to your network you can add it's IP address in the app for control. 

Any updates on the PT-Webcam-80 software working on Mac? I just got my camera in and downloaded the software from the site and gave it security approval to install, but the software doesn't seem to work. I tried on two separate macs and neither seem to like what I have downloaded.

Hi Ace,

The Mac version of the Webcam OSD Menu Tool has been updated and should be working for Mac.

After allowing it to run, are you able to launch the app?

After opening the app, you would need to select the camera from the drop down menu. Then if you click the OSD Open/Close button the cameras OSD menu will pop up over the cameras video feed. 

So you would need the tool open alongside software that has the camera feed open in order to see the OSD pop up.

If you are still having issues please reach out to support.

You can submit a ticket or give us a call.

Our number is 484-593-2584. 

Support is available from 8 AM to 6 PM EST, Monday through Friday.

Any update on the Mac app?

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