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New camera

Looking for advice on new cameras. Our church currently has 3 PTZ Optics 20X-3G SDI cameras and 1 Mevo camera. Our pastor has had someone donate money for 4 new Mevos. Instead of mevos I was hoping to get more PTZs. What would you recommend to pair with the 20Xs we have now. They stage is approximately 90 feet from camera. 

Approximately 2500 to spend. 

We currently use SDI and they are also using the Ethernet POE. They are all controlled by Broadcast Pix switcher. 

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Hi Bent Duell,

I would recommend a PT30X-SDI camera if it is going to be mounted 90 ft from the stage.

The 30X will be able to provide you with a tight shot from that distance. The image width with the camera fully zoomed in would be around 3.6 ft wide.

And you would be able to power this camera with PoE like your other PTZOptics cameras.

The 30X SDI model costs $1,799.00.

I will link a FOV calculator below in case you want to check the image range for some alternative distances.

FOV Calculator

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