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I have a 30x SDI and really having problems getting it set up in our worship environment.  I have white balanced and turned saturation down to the minimum 60%.  Still experience "blooming" of color.  Does the PTZ Optics support using a shader, such as the Skaarhoj RCP?  OR, is there a recommended "best practice" set up to use?  I have attached a screen shot of the "blooming".

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Hi Robert Hicks,

The PTZOptics can have have trouble with certain kinds of lighting and that does look to be what is going on here. I would suggest using the white balance set to be manual and just set the colors yourself, lowering the blues would be key. Using a shader would probably be the best bet for getting this looking the way you want with that kind of lighting. I have not tested with the shader you mention but I don't see why it would not work. 

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