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Okay to leave in Standby?

We have recently acquired a PTZOptics 30X NDI camera for live streaming church service.  We use it about 2 hours on Sunday mornings and turn it off the remainder of the time.  We have now mounted it to the wall and it is out of reach without a tall ladder.  My questions are is it is okay to leave it in standby mode for the 166 hours that it is not in use every week? Also, it is powered via POE. Is it safe to pull the ethernet cable from the router to power it off without damaging the camera?

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Hi Aaron,

You've made this pretty easy on me... the answer is definitely "yes" to both questions.

You should have no concerns leaving the camera(s) powered on 24 / 7 via outlet or PoE power.

If you want to save some electricity you can simply pull the network cable providing the camera(s) with power to disconnect.

If you have any additional questions about your new camera please don;t hesitate to come back to the forums.

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