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Jittery video in SDI

I have connected my 20x camera, which is ceiling mounted, via PoE and it seems to work fine as far as panning, etc. However, the video is jittery and I can't seem to smooth it out. Are there optimal settings to smooth out the video? I have it set on 6 on the back of the camera and 1080p30 as the frame rate. The picture is clear and sharp but movement produces severely jittery video. The camera is going to be used in a church sanctuary and streamed to Facebook. BTW, I'll be streaming thru OBS.

Hi Michael,

The rotary dial on the back only dictates the HDMI and SDI output resolution. You would want to adjust the settings in the IP interface of the camera to set the output of the IP feed. Just type the IP address of the unit into a browser to get into the webgui (admin for username and password) and go to the video section. The first stream sets the ethernet output settings. You can see what to set them to according to the guide below for best results. Be sure to reboot the camera after changing and applying any settings. 

Thanks! I'm going to give it a try today. BTW, we're running SDI out of the camera into a Magewell interface in order to convert to usb into Windows 10. Audio is being run from a 16 channel mixer into the Magewell via stereo out on the mixer. Both the audio and video are being aimed into OBS. That's our basic set up. Thanks again!

Hi Michael,

That all sounds like a good setup. If the video is coming in choppy it may be due to the computer or the USB chipset being overloaded. The HDMI output at 1080p30 into a Magewell should be fine. Is OBS running with good CPU usage? Is it possible to go to 1080p60 (dial setting 0) as this should alleviate any kind of jittery video. If not, please feel free to put in a ticket at and we can go over some settings and I can potential remote into your machine if needed to take a look at things. 

I thought about that (the chipset being overloaded). But the CPU usage is low, so I'm not sure if that's related. I can try setting the dial to 0, but when I first set up the camera I left it at 0 and it was jittery then, so after researching and reading I saw that 6 might be better, but I think it was actually worse. I will try them both today and see if there is any change. I've got good bandwidth and router speed, but then I was wondering if it may be that the video card in my laptop is too slow. But as I said, the CPU usage is low so I was thinking that that wasn't the problem. I'm thinking that the best thing to do is to start over from scratch and make sure that I haven't screwed anything up on my end. If I don't get it straight by tomorrow I'll open a ticket. Thanks for your rapid response!
Hi, again! I resolved the jittery picture issue but now have a different problem. OBS is not capturing the video feed from the camera. Audio works fine, but when turning on the OBS Studio there is no video and the screen is black. I've done everything that I can think of, including rebooting the camera, then deleting the camera and reinstalling it, then creating a new scene and creating a new source, but no results; the screen is still black. Any suggestions?

Hi Michael,

Are you able to open the feed in any other applications (AMCAP, VLC, Zoom.US) and see the video or is this issue presenting itself everywhere?

Have you been able to verify that the Magewell Adapter is working properly by connecting an HDMI source, other than the camera, to it?

In the OSD of the camera the only setting that could possibly impact the HDMI feed would be in the following location:

Open OSD

Select SETUP

Navigate to DVIMode

Set to HDMI for YUV Encoding  (default)


Set to DVI for RGB Encoding

We look forward to hearing any feedback from the above suggestions in hopes of getting to the root of your issue.

Thanks for getting back to me. I think it was the Magewell causing the issue.  I got a different card and the jitters cleared up.  Everything is working great now! Thanks, again. 

Hi Michael,

Very glad to hear that everything is working as you expect now.

If you ever have problems in the future please don't hesitate to return to the forums or reach out to our support team.

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