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Protective cage

Does anyone know of a company that makes a protective cage for PTZ cameras (or something generic that would work)?

My church meets in a multi use room (gym) and we're thinking about where to mount a camera for service streaming.  The back wall makes the most sense, but it is very close to a goal and is on the end of the room that gets the most sports activity during the week.  If we use that area we'd need to protect the camera from damage while giving as large an unobstructed opening for the lens.  

Any ideas?  I've seen some cages that would work as far as size, but they aren't meant for this and don't have openings large enough to shoot through.

Hi Michael Smith,

Dotworkz makes some enclosures that work with our cameras. 

They make a model that is ideal for indoor use and will keep the cameras safe from flying objects or potential vandalism. 

Has anyone used these covers? Do they cause any distortion of the video?


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