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Camera Setup Docs

I did came across with a document in this site  which defines all camera setup parameters in PTZ camera in detail ( Not Product Manual )  unfortunately I cannot locate that anymore here. Any  idea where will I find it.

Thanks In advance

Hi Shenny,

I am not aware of any such document available on the PTZOptics forums.

Do you have any additional information about the document that you might be able to share in hopes of locating what you are describing?

I look forward to helping you locate what you need to get up and running.

Matthew thanks for the response,

   The document I am looking for is  the camera menu has PTZ and OSD menu items which are some times not sure what those numbers are and what the changes can achieve. For example  I key frame rate is set at 30 as default and no doc I can find what it should be left for a stream at 30fps. I kind of figured it out as 60 by visiting multiple posts for Youtube streaming. I Kind of remember coming across it possible in Knowldge base or how to videos . I know all those information is hidden somewhere in this site. Thanks for offering me the help.


Hi Shenny,

So I am not 100% certain this is the document you are looking for... (attached)

If this is not the document, just let us know us know and we'll be happy to keep looking :-)


Hello Matthew,

  Thanks for looking it up. I had came across this document earlier. its also good to have to get an idea what the settings should be in few scenarios. I will be still looking for the missing treasure I must locate as a challenge and will definitely let you know when I find it.

Thanks for all your effort,


Hi Shenny,

If I am able to uncover the treasure as well I will be happy to return here and share.

Thank you so much for offering to do the same thing :-)

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