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PTZ mobile App Feature Requests

I just purchased this app. Super intuitive to use. I was up and running in about a minute.

I'm hoping you're receptive to feature requests for it, as a couple of minor things could make this a really powerful application for my environment.

1. As others have suggested; Iris control. Would be useful to have.

2. Preset speed override. One of the very best features of the app IMHO is the preset speed settings and the manual control settings. Being able to slowly have the cam move from one preset to another is a really slick option when I don't have a dedicated operator. Can't say enough good things about that. HOWEVER- I'd love the ability to temporally override the speed to quickly get the camera to a preset in preview, and then take it live. I was thinking perhaps a double tap, or long tap to the preset # button could make the camera move at full speed? Maybe also have a checkbox in the settings that enables / disables this feature for anyone who doesn't want it.

3. Have the ability to set the deadzone of the onscreen joystick in the settings menu, or have a couple of preconfigured values. I find there isn't much of a null space between motor drive, and neutral. 

Thanks for the work that you do!

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Hi Patrick,

So we, PTZOptics, do not actually maintain that application... one of our amazing end users created and maintains that application.

I know the creator is reachable via the following site: and is an amazing guy to interact with.

If there is ever anything else we can answer, provide insight or thoughts on please don't hesitate to return to the forums

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