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PTZ Optics with SlingStudio

 I'm considering setting up a system to stream worship services using SlingStudio.  I'm a bit confused about how to control the PTZ camera in this setup.  The cameras would be connected to the SlingStudio server, via the SlingStudio wifi camera controllers.  But how would I control the PTZ?  Do I need to run a separate cable system to the camera to control PTZ?  The setup is an old church where it will be difficult to run cabling.


Hello William Kitch,

The SlingStudio system would only handle the video, you can't control the cameras through the SlingStudio. You would need to wire the cameras separately for control. You could either use a serial based controller which would require you to connect the controller directly to the cameras.  Or you could connect the cameras to a network and control them over the network. With network based control you could use our free desktop based camera control app or an iOS/Android control app.

We have more info on integrating our cameras with SlingStudio here, 

Is it possible to use a wifi access point at each PTZ camera to control PTZ and the SlingStudio CameraLink for video.  I'd control the PTZ with PC or Mac off our local network and use SlingStudio for the video

Hi William,

So what you are suggesting is definitely possible and would be easiest to deploy using the equipment mentioned below

Using one (1) Wireless Access Point (WAP) you can purchase Wireless Bridges to use with each camera.

A Wireless Bridge will allow you to connect to the wireless signal from your WAP but provide a hardwired connection to the camera.

This will allow you to join the cameras to your network in a wireless fashion for an easy control solution.

If you have any additional questions about your PTZOptics camera(s) please don;t hesitate to return to the forums.

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