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iPhone app won't connect

Hi,  my iPhone doesn't want to connect.  it says it sees the camera and that it is online but it refuses the connection.  What could be causing this?  Thanks!

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Hi Matthew

i sent details via email on the camera, PC and smart device settings.  Were you able to look further into the issue?



Hi John,

I'll do my best to see if we can figure out what is causing the communication issue(s)

Which model PTZOptics camera are you using?

What IP address are each of the following devices reporting?




The application you have installed is created by the following company... 

Using the support section of their site you could inquire about the settings interface not looking "proper"

They may be aware of some potential issue that I am unfortunately not privy to.

The split screen capability as documented is a function of the Android OS itself and using VLC (Mobile App) to provide the preview.

In doing some searching it looks like some iOS devices support a "split-screen" function, please see reference link below 

I also found that the iOS version of VLC appears to support RTSP streams.

So it may be possible to perform the same procedure on an iOS device to have a live preview with control.

I look forward to getting to the bottom of this odd communication problem and hope to hear back from you in the near future.

Hi Matthew

I see the same issue with trying to connect via iPhone app.  The camera IP address and phone are on the same network when i tried the setup.  I know the address is correct as the camera control from laptop works well.

The app version on my iPhone is PanTiltZoom by PTZ Optics, Version 1.1.2  What is interesting with the app is when i was looking in the general settings and apps on my iPhone, the PanTiltZoom app does not show up like other applications.  Did the app not load properly?  And is this the issue with connecting to the camera?

I also would like to know if the split screen function, like Android app, is available for the ios app.  this would be very helpful to see the camera position and image simultaneously.

Thank you.

Hi Mike,

If you are trying to connect to the cameras WebUI from your iPhone there should be no limitations.

I would make sure that the camera is connected to the network and powered on.

I would check to make sure that the camera has a proper IP address in the same network as your iPhone.

If you are using an app could you please share what iPhone app you are using with your PTZOptics camera?

We look forward to helping you get connected.

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