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Component variability within product lines... creates image inconsistencies.

We use PTZ Optic NDI/HX cameras fro most of our applications.  Can you confirm if you source parts (lenses and other components) from multiple sources that would result in image variation?  We have cameras inside the same studio, setup exactly the same that can produce significantly different resulted in controlled tests.

If this is a reported challenge, is there a way to ensure that we receive cameras sourced from the same component manufacturer?


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Hi Mark,

The components are sourced in large batches from the same sources for production.

The only thing I can suggest is ensuring the "age" of production of the cameras is a close as possible.

I would say sequential serial numbering but our processes do not support this as having an advantage of serial number that are close.

As is the case with all products there can be some acceptable deviation from the standard but only slight.

If the issue is as pronounced as suggested I would highly recommend reach out to one of our trained support technicians to see if their expert eyes can see any issues.

PTZOptics Support Information

Phone: 1-800-486-5276 x.1004



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