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Setting up a two way video session

Hello everyone, I am looking for some direction on solutions that will let me set up a two-way audio and video connection over the public internet.  This is much like video conferencing.

 In my situation, I have a learner at a hospital, where we would like to deploy a temporary PTZ camera and a monitor. At a remote location, we have a teacher that needs to be able to control the PTZ camera and send back notations made on a tablet local to the teacher. we also need audio between the two points. 

Both the learner and teachers are not very technical, so I am looking something very simple to initiate the two connections like a shared link

Since hospital networks are difficult to get on due to security, I am also looking for some solution that could set up an internet connection via the cellular network, which would be high enough band with to support the audio and video. This also needs to be Plug and Play. nothing too complicated. 

Any suggestions/ideas would be approached 

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