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Mount for PTZOptics ZCam that sits on a ledge?

We are installing a PTZOptics ZCam in the back of our Church on a high ledge. Does anyone have a recommendation for mounting the camera? We would like to tilt the camera into position and lock it down(pan would be useful as well). We desire it to be fairly low profile.

We have considered z heads and cold shoe mount adapters and use accompanying tripod adapters for tilt zoom. We want to assure the camera is secure and once in place it does not shift.


Hi Marc,

We have had a lot of end users sing the praises of the PanaVise solutions.

PanaVise Camera Mount Solutions

The above link should take you directly to the camera mounts they offer.

I hope these solutions can meet your needs and if you have any followup or additional questions please do not hesitate to return to the forums.


Thank you for the guidance. Your advise confirms our findings.


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