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Freeze Frame on Preset Recall

I read within the manual for the 20X that it is possible to set up the camera to freeze frame before switching to a preset, so there is a hard cut to the next shot instead of seeing the PTZing to the next shot. 

I can't seem to get a VISCA command call to actually utilize this feature. How can I automate the pause/freeze feature into my preset recalls?

I just finished my NDI 30X...after I did the update (I did have to use the latest update too)..then selected freeze image in the OSD..I immediately tried it..but then Colin told me I needed to cycle the power..after I did that, all is well in Shelbyville..

Thanks, Colin - yes, after I posted the above, the freezeframe did start to work, or at least partially - odd , because I had definitely rebooted at least once after the firmware update, but these things are a bit of a mystery. So, it's now mostly working freezeframe between presets when using the IR Remote, NewTek's Studio Monitor and via midi, but not at all when using the PanTiltZoom iPad app. Also, between some presets (and it's possible that this applies to presets added after the freezeframe option is turned on?) there is an initial zoom movement that isn't frozen but then the pan and tilt motions are :-) But it is a great addition generally, thank you

Hi Adrian,

Your statement on where this works and does not would be accurate.

In the PTZOptics Control app it defaults to using "Stream 2" as the preview.

Stream 2 is not capable of viewing the OSD nor being used with the Image Freeze.

Those features are only available on "Stream 1" or the HD Stream on NDI.

Of note, using the radio buttons at the top of the PTZOptics preview pane allows you to switch between Stream 1 (HD) and Stream 2 (SD)

So, if desired you could see the image freeze occur in the PTZOptics Control App Preview.

I hope this information has been helpful and that this response finds you having a wonderful day.

So image freeze worked great with PTZOptics control app, but I fired up vMix and the image is not freezing at all.  vMix is using NDI - do I need to update anything else to get this image freeze working in vMix?  Does the image freeze only work with internally set presets, and when vMix does the visca(sp) commands to move to a spot does the image freeze not apply?  That would be a big bummer.  THanks.

Hi Tom,

Unfortunately vMix handles presets differently and thus is not going to be able to take advantage of our Image Freeze using standard "vMix Presets" / Virtual Inputs.

Our cameras require someone to "recall" the onboard preset to know that Image Freeze is being requested.

vMix utilizes absolute positioning data to recall exact X, Y, Z coordinates and does not leverage our built-in presets.

The only way to accomplish what you are looking for with vMix would be to add a browser input that is basic preset recall and then use the triggers in vMix to trigger that command.

Please see the associated steps below on setting up vMix in support of using the PTZOptics built-in presets...

  • To use triggers to accomplish say a Preset Recall you would add a browser source and then in the URL use the following HTTP command to call a preset
    • http://[camera ip]/cgi-bin/ptzctrl.cgi?ptzcmd&poscall&[position number]
    • *making sure to replace the camera IP with the desired cameras IP and the position number with the desired, and already set, preset number
  • Now on the Input you want to cause the preset recall to occur when you transition it in click on the cog in the lower right of the input and select the Triggers option
  • You would want to configure the Trigger like shown below to cause the preset recall to occur when the selected input is transitioned in
    • OnTransitionIn -> BrowserReload -> your browser Input -> 100 ms (or anything)
    • Click ADD
  • Now when you transition to that input it will cause a preset recall every time using the cameras built-in presets that allow for Image Freeze to operate

I hope this information is helpful towards achieving your production goal(s).

Just wondering.. has the firmware for image freeze across all stream, been issued for release?


The Image Freeze over IP has been added to the PT12X-SDI-xx-G2/PT12X-NDI-xx models with the latest firmware update. It was released this past week. 

If you have a 12X, you can download the latest firmware here

Next up would be the PT20X-SDI-xx-G2/PT20X-NDI-xx and PT30X-SDI-xx-G2/PT30X-NDI-xx models. 

We hope to release firmware for those models around the end of March or early April.

Matthew - thanks for the clarification.  I understand, but you can probably see why this is a little disappointing.  These cameras are great and your support is great and they have really let us up our "game".  So, we'll investigate using "in-camera" presets and having vMix drive to them - but vMix's ability to tweak PTZ and easily build a long series of transitions ahead of time is huge for us.  Thanks again for responding and confirming my thoughts (and fears :-).

Hi Tom,

As with a lot of these things sometimes reaching out to the developers can help nudge them to include "options"

       In this instance, I know you are not the first person to desire the ability to use the on-camera presets.

       I would submit a request to vMix to have the option to use vMix Presets or on-board camera presets as an option.

As some have already made such requests in the past further nudges can only help the request come to fruition.

If we can be of any additional assistance please do not hesitate to let us know.

So upgrade to 6.3.18 went great.  The "IP" OSD menu via a browser does not have this option - correct?  I looked everywhere.

So I need to get the remote working with the camera so I can bring up the OSD and get into the PTZ menu to see/enable this new option, then reboot after changing?  I can drive OSD via vMix's PTZ controls to move up and down on the OSD, but I can't figure out how to "enter" a menu (like the P/T/Z).  Hitting "home" literally causes the PTZ to move to home position, not enter item like the OSD suggests.  Any known way to navigate the OSD using vMix?  If not, hooking up the remote is do-able.  Thanks much.

Hi Tom,

vMix does not have the ability to "properly" interface with the cameras on-board OSD.

I do have a small utility built to support acting as an IP OSD remote control for PTZOptics cameras and the Windows platform.

As it is an additional app to run it may or may not serve your end goal, but wanted to make sure to offer it as an option.

If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to return to the forums.

Was this fixed on the 20x NDI camera, I see the 30x has a more recent dated firmware release from July, while the newest appears to be March for the 20x. Running 6.3.16 which looks like it's the latest, and with Image Freeze set to "On" in the OSD still not getting freeze on stream 1 when going to presets.

Hi Mike B,

How are you calling the presets? Certain control interfaces handle things differently and may not trigger the Image Freeze. 

The Image Freeze feature should be working on the IP feed for 20X cameras that have the latest firmware.

After turning Image Freeze on in the OSD menu make sure you press Enter, exit the OSD menu, and then Reboot the camera. 

When the camera comes back online the Image Freeze should be active. 

This isn't working for me either (2nd gen 30x-sdi)


Hi Phil & John,

This feature, currently, only operate via the HDMI or SDI outputs and does not function via the IP stream(s).

As we have had a surge of interest in this operating via the IP streams we are researching what this requires without comprising the current quality.

When we are able to provide an relative ETA for this update to the feature we will be happy to follow up in the forum.

If there is anything else we can do to assist in the meantime please let us know.

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