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Benefits of a PTZOptics cam over a security cam


I am hoping this should be an easy question for those of yo in the know.

As we are looking to put 2 cameras in for broadcasting our church service how do I articulate the benefits of getting a quality product like PTZOptics cam over suggestions from sales people who claim a £500 security camera will do just as good a job.  

My idea was to have 2 NDI cams running into broadcast software (VMIX) 

If there are articles or YouTube videos that answer this happy to take those to educate myself to respond to sales people.



Hi Brad,

While you certainly can deploy security products into a production environment the experience is usually frustrating, square peg - round hole scenario, and very limited in terms of adjustment and growth.

When attempting to compare a PTZOptics camera against a low-cost security camera option there are a few things one needs to be aware of and consider in the root of their designs, based on their usage, and the accompanying solutions that then become available. 

The Image Sensor

  • While you may see two (2) cameras featuring a 1/2.7” image sensor the specifications and tuning surrounding the sensors can immediately determine it’s favor towards production or security
    • One example of such a specification would be how it has been designed to handle lighting
      • a security camera often uses IR cut filters with IR Emitters to gain an image in low light scenarios, mind you it is often black and white but it will reliably provide an image. The cameras have not been built to attempt to provide a color image as they know people will use IR to illuminate the scene.
      • A production camera should not be attempting to switch into a black and white mode at any point, something that would break the production, so they have been tuned to provide the highest quality at the lowest light possible while still providing a color image


  • So we have two (2) P/T/Z cameras where one features security control capabilities and another featuring production control methods. The overall experience in movement will be substantially different.
    • One example of this would be the way the cameras execute these commands
      • A security camera has no issues with recalling a preset and deciding to make it’s full pan movement followed by it’s full tilt movement resulting in an incredibly robotic movement. This movement is perfect for security purposes and showcases itself even in simple pan and tilt requests. Typically security systems will utilize ONVIF or PELCO for P\T\Z control
      • A production camera needs to be able to accommodate for more micro adjustments and smoother motion so that you can properly center or follow your talent. The movement is substantially more demanding and the communication protocols associated have been built with this in mind (VISCA + VISCA over IP, or NDI)


  • As a result of the movement and the control protocols made available the associated equipment has been built around these protocols… 
  • as an example you will likely not find a production control solution offering smooth ONVIF communication if it offers it at all.
    • On the opposite side of that the security controller often does not speak VISCA preventing them from properly operating a production camera. 


  • A security camera typically features an IP output and or CVBS (SD Quality) so the outputs are typically very limiting in usage with any production equipment
  • In looking at most production cameras they offer HDMI / SDI / USB / IP if not a mixture of those outputs that can be used simultaneously.
    • These outputs are often configured for use with production systems in a way a security product would be unable to support such as specific color depth, frame rates or resolutions.

In summary what may become apparent is that while they both may be “P/T/Z Cameras” one has been designed with production in mind and what needs to be supported there while the other is truly designed for security purposes and securities own sets of requirements and expectations.

If I can offer any additional details on any subject mentioned above or assist in your design please don;t hesitate to return to the forums and ask away

Hi Matthew,

Thank you so much that is extremely helpful.

I am now armed and ready to ask the questions.

We have some really important messages to articulate and the last thing I want to do is compromise on the delivery.

Thanks again!



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