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Camera Control App

I installed the camera control app and it works fine with the PTZ Camera. I also have a AViPAS model Av-1081 camera that supports VISCA over Ip. The camera control software cannot connect to this camera. I get a "Refused Connection" response. Can you tell me if this is a camera control problem or a problem with the Av-1081 camera?

Hi Ron,

That camera control app was made to work with our own PTZOptics cameras. So there is a good chance it will not be compatible with your AViPAS camera.

Since the app is designed to work with our cameras it is using TCP port 5678. If you are able to change the TCP port on your other camera it may work. 

But there can also be slight variations in how cameras handle the VISCA commands so it still may be incompatible even if you can change the port. 

Just to clarify, your control app always send VISCA commands on port 5678 regardless of the IP address of multiple cameras?

That is correct. There isn't a way to specify a different port number in the Control App itself.

Thank you. I have access to change the VISCA port number on the other camera to match 5678. I will try it and let you know how it works.

Just a suggestion, i think somewhere in your write-up of the control app, you state that it may be used to control other cameras if they use standard VISCA commands. A comment in your description should state that VISCA uses port #5678 and cameras other than PTZ Optics should have their VISCA port set to 5678. That would have made it much easier for me during installation.

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