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The remote host closed the connection

I'm using the Windows PTZ app for pan/zoom actions and presets. In a 1 hour event we usually get several occurrences of the "remote host closed the connection" popup error and have to reconnect to the camera to get it to work again. Similar disconnect symptoms with the IOS app. This is a PT20X-SDI-GY-G2 purchased a few weeks ago. Please advise. Thanks.

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Hi Jim,

We'll do our best to help you get to the bottom of this time out issue you are currently experiencing.

For your current setup are the cameras, PC and tablet all using static IPs, dynamic IPs or a mix of static and dynamic?

If you are using DHCP would you happen to know the DHCP release renewal time currently used for your network?

Once we have those answers we can begin to formulate a few things we can check and try to resolve the timeout that is occurring.

We look forward to helping you get to the bottom of this and otherwise hope this message finds you in the midst of an excellent day.


The PC and tablet are using DHCP. The camera has a fixed IP. The network is all Ubiquiti Unifi equipment. The DHCP lease time is 86400 seconds.

I am having exact same issue and it is happening every 5 minutes or so... Is there an update to this?  Both of my cameras are assigned with static IP.  I have swapped out ethernet cable and network switch to troubleshoot but to no avail. 

HI Charles,

We are looking into this, it appears to happen when the network for the cameras is local and not hooked up to a router. The lack of router seems to cause some issues with the control software and losing the connection.  We are looking into confirming this and seeing if there is anything we can do for the software to allow it to run better on a standalone network. 

My PTZOptics 20X NDI camera is using static IP and is connected to a switch on the same subnet as my vVMIX laptop. I've noticed the same thing with the PTZOptics App timing out essentially.

Are there any fixes to this issue?

Hello, has there been any update or solution to the above problem?  I keep getting a "Host requires authentication" error.  Static IP, either thru direct Cat5 to the camera or thru a network switch.

Any update on this? I am connected to a router.... not standalone. 


This is still an issue we are working on fixing with the app.

We have heard back from customers that have said they only see the issue if the camera is powered up or rebooted after opening the Control app.

So that may work as a temporary fix while we work on the issue. 


Our cameras are powered all the time. I still see the issue every time I launch the Control App - it is 100% reproducible. 

Note - we have two cameras. I only see the issue on one of the two cameras - the one I designated as "Camera 1".

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