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Good for Theatre?


   I run a 700 house theatre and am looking for a live streaming option. My biggest concern other than resolution is low light sensitivity. In our theatre we can sometimes have a very, very dark scene. How do these cameras handle that? For example, our range could be just 1 60w light bulb on vs a scene that may have 300 1000w lights on. 


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Hi Michael,

The PTZOptics cameras, when tuned appropriately, can perform very well in low light conditions like you are describing,

Our cameras are utilized currently in some large scale productions in Vegas to smaller home brew setups for community theater projects.

Below you will some links that showcase using PTZOptics cameras in low light and difficult lighting conditions.

Tutorial from PTZOptics Live Stream on ideal low-light settings 

An outdoor concert with some changing lighting conditions 

Outdoor footage of the setup for the the above footage at night 

Of note most of this footage is relatively dated and with new updates to the cameras the low light capabilities displayed should be considered the bear minimum of what you should expect.

I hope that this information proves valuable in your research and if any other questions, ideas or concerns arise please do not hesitate to return to the forums.

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