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HTTP command for auto-white balance?

Hello, I have customized one of the OBS plugin HTTP templates for our church livestream/recording. Thanks for providing a great starting point for this!

Wanting to improve our weekly video quality, I want to white balance the camera before every session. Since we use volunteer operators, I need something simple, repeatable, and foolproof. My idea is to have them setup a white/black/grey color card (e.g. Spydercheckr 24), zoom in, and click a single 'balance' button on the web interface. No OSD menu navigation, no manual adjustments.

I looked at the HTTP-CGI reference ( but I don't see anything in the "Image Adjustments" section to invoke the auto white balance. Is it possible to do this via the HTTP-CGI interface?



Hi Mark,

It's always wonderful to hear about someone digging in to really customize their setup.

Unfortunately, currently, there is no HTTP-CGI method available for handling white balance.

While we do have plans to continue to build out the HTTP commands they have currently been delayed.

In the meantime it may be worth exploring what the Elgato StreamDeck combined with the BitFocus Companion application may be able to offer you.

The StreamDeck is available in a hardware device or as a emulated application within your PC that provides some simple control interface options for the cameras and more.

The Companion app from BitFocus has the benefit of being able to utilize the entire PTZOptics VISCA over IP library which does contain White Balance options.

I wish I had better news to offer on the current state of HTTP support for white balance selections but hope the above information may be able to get you where you need to go.

If you have any questions, ideas or concerns related to this topic or others p[lease do not hesitate to return to the forums.

Thanks. Companion looks interesting and buttons can be triggered by HTTP. It might provide a solution, although a lot of stuff for what ultimately is a very simple one-click operation.

I just noticed in the HTTP-CGI control sheet document, there are commands to navigate the OSD menu. Looks like it supports up/down/enter/return. Would it be possible to invoke the auto-white balance by a series of OSD menu commands? I suppose it wold break if a firmware update changed the menu structure, but otherwise is it possible?

Hi Mark,

It should be able to do that with the OSD button commands, but it may take a few commands to get it to the spot you wish for it to be using HTTP. The VISCA over IP is a more robust set of commands that will allow you to go to a specific white balance setting. 

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