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POE Power for USB 2nd Gen 20x

My church recently purchased a camera to live stream services. We want to mount the camera on a wall and are therefore interested in the POE option. I read the article below and saw that something can be purchased to allow for this on the USB models however the link in the article goes to a home page and not to a specific product. Can you point me in the right direction?

I'm confused about powering the camera over POE.  If I purchase a TP-Link 5 Gigabit PoE Switch 4 Port PoE 56 W as Donald did do I still need the GAF-12v12w splitter from POE Texas ?  Normally when we do cameras we just use a POE GIG Switch to supply the power

Hello Dean,

If you have one of the USB models you would need a PoE splitter because the USB models do not support PoE.

It looks like PoE Texas has the specific PTZOptics model back in stock, .

If you have one of the SDI or NDI models you can power those cameras directly through the PoE switch without any sort of splitter. 

Thank you that really helps --I was confused cause with normal IP cameras you can just go to POE switch.

Thanks again

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