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Camera direct to laptop?

Sorry for this basic question. I have a new NDI camera-- and I am wondering if I can just run the camera directly into my laptop, if no LAN is available. There may be situations when I just need to record the NDI camera with the highest possible data rate. Thank you for your feedback! 

Hi Keith,

That should work. You would just need to set the NIC port of the laptop to have an IP address in the same range as the camera's IP address. That should let you access the cameras NDI feed and connect to the cameras web interface to adjust settings. 

I'm trying to do this same thing. I can control the camera in the PTZOptics app for mac but I can't record. I tried using Quicktime to record a movie with the camera as a source but it doesn't see it. Any other options to record the video feed?


Hi Daniel,

I would recommend using software other than QuickTime to record. I do not believe QuickTime supports NDI Video.

OBS would be a good free option that would let you access the NDI feed of the cameras and do recordings.

You would need to install an OBS NDI plugin as well for OBS to add NDI sources.

Great, thank you so much for your help!

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