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Switching RGB and YUV encoding

I have a PTZOPTICS 12x-sdi gen1 which I am having trouble connecting to a switcher via HDMI. It seems the problem may be that the camera is encoding RGB but the switch needs YUV. Can the Gen1 cameras be toggled between RGB and YUV? In other comments it seems the Gen2 cameras have a handy OSD setting that I do not have.


Thank you for the feedback. Interested to hear they have been 'end of life' for five years. The people who did our installation about four years ago (not PTZOptics, for clarity) assured us we had a brand new and cutting edge piece of equipment from PTZOptics. I guess not! Live and learn, I suppose.

unfortunately the first generation cameras lack many of the features of the second generation cameras and this is one of them. since these units have been end of life for about 5 years there is no way that this will change in that unit.

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