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The Remote Host Closed the Connection Error

Hello, we are using the windows PTZ camera control app to control two PTZoptics camera.  However, the app loses connection with both cameras very frequently although ping never drops.  They are assigned with static IP and ethernet cables and different network switches were used to troubleshoot to no avail.  This is very frustrating... please help.

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Hi Charles,

We seem to see this issue with standalone networks that are not connected to a router. We are looking into it but any info about your network setup would be greatly appreciated. If you can try and connect the switch you are using to the router see if that resolves the issue. 

Hello Andrew, our network is not standalone and the POE switch is directly connected to a router.

Hi Charles,

Thank you for that, its good information as we push forward in testing. So far we had only seen the issue on standalone networks but that doesn't seem to be true if you are seeing it connected to the router. 

Thanks Andrew,  It's one thing it disconnect quite frequently but why can't it reconnect?  Usually, the error will pop up hidden some other window and you have to clear it before trying to reestablish connection...  Can we somehow force reconnect?

Hi Charles

We are looking into when and why this happens, and how to fix the issue. I agree, even if it disconnects, it should reconnect without having to click through the error message, that is the biggest time waster of the whole thing. 

Hi - I am seeing a similar issue. I have two cameras connected. I "usually" lose connection to "Camera 1". Connection can be reestablished by switching to camera 2 and then back to camera 1. This is of course quite problematic, because these actions prevent me from controlling the cameras when needed.

My setup is very simple. I connect via WiFi to an Access Point/Router. The two cameras are connected via Ethernet to the Access Point/Router. The cameras have static IP.

I am monitoring the stream from Camera 1 - and it never fails, even when the control application indicates that the connection has been lost. 

Andrew, you assured me that your team is looking into this Is this but did not inquire much of my setup nor testing them out remotely.  Is this widespread a well-known issue?

Hi Charles,

This is a known issue with the app and we are working on solving the issue.

Once we have a solution and the app is updated and available for download we will post an update in this thread. 

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