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PTZOptics SDI camera - macOS to Google Hangout/Meet

 Hello All, have been doing a bit of rsch on this; cannot find a current, definitive answer:

We'd like to use our PTXOptics SDI camera as the video input, on macOS, to a Google Meet. We've done a lot of streaming using OBS, so working in this framework would be 'comfortable', but is not required.

It appears that the OBS Webcam is still Windows only; is this still true?

Is there a definitive document on Best Practices on getting this done?

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Hi Dr Lou,

Currently, there is no virtual cam plugin for OBS for MAC, only Windows. So there is really not a good way to take the ethernet feed and make it something Hangouts/Meet would see on a MAC. The easiest method would be to use a converter to turn the SDI or HDMI output into USB to pull into the MAC. 

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